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  1. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2838888-the-nfl-nerds-are-right-that-the-running-game-is-overrated-but-it-still-matters This is what i was getting at. Running matters, but not as much as you think. Just because that was the prevailing mentality, doesn't mean it was correct.
  2. Analytics says that 'establishing the run' is generally counter productive. Teams that are successful should call plays with the highest probability of scoring, each time. Play action is as successful on teams that do not run the ball well as it is on 'rushing' teams.
  3. Even? Not what I watched. they’re lucky to have one.


    Why, you think tommy is gonna get in three more games and lose a year? people just like to bitch

    2019 Season

    Holm is planning to play next year.

    SH Game Day

    Schuster completes 70% of passes in practice. Grover does not. Also why bolt an is a wr
  7. still have not seen my tickets yet either, i was going to wait til tomorrow to call... Good to know its not just "on my end"
  8. Be on the lookout for some big announcements!
  9. Privately member owned. Great place for family to pick up the game, social events and swimming.
  10. Membership is not down. I think there should be some more golf rounds sold, but I don’t think they will go away from club requirements.
  11. Mike Slominski is the pro at GFCC. Doug is the GM.
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