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    SH Game Day

    Schuster completes 70% of passes in practice. Grover does not. Also why bolt an is a wr
  2. still have not seen my tickets yet either, i was going to wait til tomorrow to call... Good to know its not just "on my end"
  3. Be on the lookout for some big announcements!
  4. Privately member owned. Great place for family to pick up the game, social events and swimming.
  5. Membership is not down. I think there should be some more golf rounds sold, but I don’t think they will go away from club requirements.
  6. Mike Slominski is the pro at GFCC. Doug is the GM.
  7. I don’t think you could pick anyone more out of touch.
  8. I’m first to eat some crow this am. Yon played a great game, as if he were skating for next years scholarship. Johnson also played above his average ability.
  9. That is correct. It will be Hawks v Lions once the arena sends a contract.
  10. Ive been able to have many conversations, with a lot of different folks from inside the University, inside the foundation and Mr Kennedy himself. Ive been hesitant to change my opinion, since i really do think it is imperative to have someone in his role actually make decisions, but the man is such a egocentric individual, he has blinders up to common sense, and is not capable of being the CEO that showcases what makes UND, the community, and the people that contribute to it great. He has no social tact what so ever, and Im sure there is more than 1 donor he has alienated. Time to move on. As for KEM, i think shes just as batshit, and probably wrong about the usage agreement, but i think she is a willing spokesperson for the people who dont have that voice and i hope that will help move things along. Great things happen at UND everyday, for some reason the spotlight doesnt shine there enough.
  11. i cant see a situation we dress four freshies and keane sits.
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