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  1. From and earlier post - Heard the rumor southgate is closing. Turning it into Famous Dave's. Does anyone know more on that rumor?
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    Bresciani letter to NDSU campus community. http://legacy.wday.c...iani Letter.pdf
  3. Golladay looks great. Both qb's look good.
  4. I was at the game and have the program rosters here. The Gophs have 12 from MN on their roster. We have 10 from MN and 4 from ND. We have more local players than they do. Thier starting lineup of 6 players had 1 MN player on the ice.
  5. I ran there in the 70's too. In the 400 I was chasing a guy and catching him on the parts of the track where you could see us. When we went behind the bleachers he would cut to the infield and shorten the distance he ran and extend his lead again. He beat me to the finish but eventually an official came from behind the bleachers and had him DQ'd.
  6. it is absolutely a fact that it would have hurt our playoff chances when the contract was proposed. SU missed the playoffs the previous year because of a game they won against Montana. The rules changed later.
  7. the reason we didn't want to play is because it would have hurt our chances of making the playoffs even if we kicked your tails - which we were doing regularly back them. You already know that but refuse to accept that fact.
  8. Turgeon's uncle Mark was a tough SOB as a D-end at UND in early 80's. Very good football player.
  9. Is his dad Mike Turgeon from Warren?
  10. I remember Hak saying that what Blood did was not acceptable in a handshake line. He also said noted that it shouldn't be acceptable to run your mouth in the handshake line either. Both show poor sportsmanship. He certainly inferred that Rau was smarting off because he figured the handshake was sacred and was taking advantage of that.
  11. Good luck with your decision.
  12. It is a longer shot for walk-ons but it can be done. I was a non-recruited walk on who came in when school started and ended up starting for 3 years and recieved scholarship money my last 2 years.
  13. I coached against Tusler in basketball when he was younger and saw him play basketball again this year. Not my favorite opponent but certainly has a football attitude that he brings to the basketball court. I haven't heard anything lately on Mike Redmond. I know his family a little and know he was considering St. Thomas.
  14. This can't be true. Nobody has ever chosen UND over SU. It just doesn't happen.
  15. From Hammer Dan Hammer ‏@Hamsbrew Another OL to UND. Minot native Dustin Adams transferring from No. Illinois. Verbal to Hawaii before going to NIU. Enroll next week
  16. The Vikes are the only team playing next Saturday night that are undefeated at Lambeau in playoff games.
  17. Hooker ended up with 26 and played very well. Probably played better than Jones tonight. He definitely worked harder. Not sure how many assists he had but I would guess 8 or so.He was very good with the ball and had a number of passes where he looked off the defenders and found a teammate alone under the hoop or in the corner.Tyus Jones didn't shoot very well but still had 20 points and at least 10 assists.Fun atmosphere. The gym was packed. John Calipari was there as was coach Ahelegbe from UND. Notes from Startriubne: Highlights included Quinton Hooker seemingly dancing through the Apple Valley defense going right and left for scores kissing the ball off the rim and over contesting defenders. Back the other way Jones zipped passes into minute crevices that the naked eye can’t see (Tyus has Superman vision people) and late in the half Jones attacked alleys for four field goals and a dozen points at the break. Former Sioux Kevin Wilson's son Malik played for Osseo in the game prior to AV-BC. He is about 6-9 and had 9 points and a number of rebounds.
  18. Hooker has 13 or 15 at half. Could have a bunch more but had a few rattle out. He runs the show from the point and is strong physically. Is guarding Tyus Jones most of the time and is doing well on def end too.
  19. Just got in gym after 25 min wait. Overflow crowd and place is packed. Should be fun.
  20. I will do my best to provide a scouting report.
  21. I will be at that game. Excited to see both of them play.
  22. I know his family and little bit and we were in the mix as of a few weeks ago. Hope it is him.
  23. I don't know if UNI has offered a ride but I do know they are hot after him.
  24. We loved watching him play. He is a great talent and we were lucky to have him.
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