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  1. You missed my point. I know that WCHA playoff games aren't impacted. The point is that most people who say that playing at home isn't important only say that because the hockey team isn't impacted by this. If the hockey team could lose home playoff games, I am guessing that these same people would change their opinion.
  2. You can argue that we might not have a home playoff game for a while and that is legitimate. But I am guessing that you would have a different opinion of the importance of playing at home if we were talking about giving up home ice for the WCHA playoffs. Playing at home is a great advantage that you wouldn't want the hockey team to give up.
  3. This coming from a team that can all the advantages that you have and still can't make your own conference tourney. UAA wasn't six years ago - it wasn't even six weeks ago. You certainly don't have to worry about Frozen Four losses so you have that protection
  4. Maybe biggest choke might be a month ago losing to UAA at home in best of three.
  5. Nope. Biggest choke was Holy Cross and you have been completely irrelevant since then. I guess it is good to hide behind your big brother (Michigan) and stick your head out every once in a while and say - yeah, take that.
  6. DHG apologized. We all say and do things we regret at times. Let's move on.
  7. I am interested. 952-937-0817 or cell 612 202 4411

  8. I am interested too

  9. Thanks for the heads up. I thought I was onto something good here until I saw the Great Britain address and Western Union request. He sent an email asking for payment that looks like it is from eBay but nothing shows up on my eBay account.
  10. To clarify my position. I am a UND letterwinner and huge Sioux name supporter. I just don't know how much wiggle room these guys have or if they need to follow the lead of their bosses.
  11. Kelley's "agenda" is that he works for the SBoHE and follows their direction like most employees do who value their job. I am sure that if and / or when they change that direction he will too. I am not sure what you expect him to do in light of the fact that the state board is his boss.
  12. Not sure what you think Kelley and Faison were supposed to do. They work for the SBoHE and were following their direction. I am guessing that they will change their stance when the board directs them otherwise.
  13. I am interested in 3 of them. That would leave you with a pair to sell. I am also located in the Twin Cities. Let me know if you are interested in doing that.
  14. Looking for 3-4 tickets for Friday at SCSU. PM me please if you have any available.
  15. 32 of 54 from line for Sioux
  16. This is a bad basketball game.
  17. Friday-Kristo Saturday-Gregoire
  18. Friday - Gregoire Saturday - Frattin
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