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  1. Does anybody have any thoughts on what agreements may have been made at the May 30th meeting between Engelstad-McGarry and Kennedy?
  2. I'm not a Kennedy fan, but I have to side with him on this one. What the basketball and volleyball athletes, coaches and the majority of their fans want, they should get. It should not be dictated by the management at the Ralph. (yes, I believe that is where it is coming from, not the Engelstad family) I also support Kennedy's efforts to bolster the new logo. Nothing sickens me more than great divide among our fanbase over the nickname which has been greatly enabled by the management of the Ralph who continue to do everything they can to keep the Sioux name front and center. They have succeeded in keeping the hockey fanbase Sioux fans while every other sport has moved on and identifies as Fighting Hawks. I was as staunch a supporter of the Sioux nickname as anyone, and always will be. But you know what? I can't change what has happened. I can't change the minds of those who somehow thought the name was offensive, while most of us thought it was honorable. I can choose to live in the past and be somewhat unfulfilled when our teams are introduced as the Fighting Hawks, or I can choose to embrace it and move on with my life and find solace in supporting the university that I love.
  3. Siouhawk

    October 2017 Announcement

    Changing the nickname back to the Sioux? (Standing Rock has a new tribal leader)
  4. Siouhawk

    What do you think of the logo now??

    This is coming from a guy that loves the Sioux nickname and still wears Sioux gear and will always love it, but I have new Hawk gear also and love it the same. That said, the time has come for our sports teams to all play under one united banner for the good of the university. The football, volleyball and both basketball teams embraced it and had great success. The powers that be in the hockey program need to move forward and do the same. Put it on the uniforms, on the ice and on the outside of the arena. Leave the Sioux logo anywhere it is integrated into the building or has historical significance as a continuing reminder of our great past, but it is clearly time to move forward and end the great divide and it must begin with leadership at the Ralph.
  5. Siouhawk

    What do you think of the logo now??

    How unbiased could a poll on a website called Siouxsports.com possibly be?
  6. Siouhawk

    First conference game in Fargo or Grand Forks?

    NDSU loves itself so much it is going to play itself? LOL, just a typo.
  7. Since NDSU got its way with two home games (2015 and 2019) vs UND and none in GF, where will the first Missouri Valley Conference game be played in 2020? Will the MVC see the injustice and give the game to Grand Forks or will they favor the older member of the conference and play a third straight game in Fargo? NDSU's insistence that both games under the current deal be played in Fargo may backfire on them when the MV chooses Grand Forks for the first game that really means something..
  8. Siouhawk

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    There are 32 Division 1 NCAA basketball conferences. The Big Sky ranks third from the bottom at 29 for conference strength (RPI). Summit is considerably better at 18. Other noteables: ACC is #1, Big Ten #4. In FCS football the MVFC is ranked #1, the Big Sky #4 out of 13 conferences. Hats off to UND for not only finding a better geographic fit, you also stepping up to tougher competition! Both will make us better. Now its time to streamline our athletic department to give the remaining core sports the best chance of success.
  9. Siouhawk

    Cutting Sports: Round 2

    Agree pretty much with what you say but I still have a problem with women's hockey even though it's a team sport. The rules have neutered it so bad it's no fun to watch and it cost a butt load of money.
  10. Siouhawk

    Cutting Sports: Round 2

    I have two intriguing questions: 1. Who is funding men golf and why? 2. Why is there no checking in women's hockey? OK, technically that is three questions but who's counting?
  11. Siouhawk

    Cutting Sports: Round 2

    I think now that we know our long term conference affiliations, UND has a new tool in the analysis. The first go-around we didn't even now if we would be changing conferences. For example, before Swimming and Diving was an obvious target but now it could become a whole lot cheaper to be a competitor in the Summit than in the WAC, our current home. With no hockey in the Summit, Women's Hockey has to be even a stronger candidate to be eliminated, why it wasn't on the short list last time is a mystery.