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  1. The other problem Brewster had was the kids he brought in couldn't stay elibible. I heard through a person close to the UM program that he got kids into school with ACT scores of 10 and 11. None of them lasted very long and almost all of them were gone within 2-3 years.
  2. Those two players weren't hurt but what about others when he won't return calls or messages from schools that are interested in them. I have a HS classmate who coached in central MN 10-15 years ago. He stumbled into a great situation and had a stud team. He told NDSU they couldn't talk to just 2 of his players, they needed to talk to all 5 he thought they should. NDSU recruiter walked away and never came back.
  3. I used Google Chromecast last night and it worked fine. I didn't watch the entire 2nd period so might have missed if there were the any issues then.
  4. I am with Sic on clock management. The 22 second drive with an 11 point lead and 7 minutes left is really poor. Also at end of 1st half we were 2nd and goal at the 3 with 1:23 left, 2 or 3 timeouts and didn't use the whole play clock. We were lucky they didn't score before the end of the half. 20 seconds there are important.
  5. hope we can build on that but the penalties, wow. No offense at all in the second half but a win is a win.
  6. announcer just said they have 5:53, thats almost 6 minutes. Not !@$!
  7. 2nd and 3 and trying to run clock so throw 2 incompletions. Unbelievable play calling
  8. I think the announcers might be part of an SNL skit. not sure they are for real
  9. great return by Hardin. Horrible camera work and worse announcing as was stated before.
  10. why didn't he run some clock when we were in the 3 with just over a minute left and 2nd down
  11. need a good start to build some confidence
  12. Got the bugs worked out on my Chromecast setup today. Planning to get the feed from big sky to my TV. Amazing what 7 days will do. After the game last Saturday I was really depressed about the state of our football team. Still am but excited to watch the game today. Hope they come out and play well.
  13. I think waiting to go DI had a much bigger impact on recruiting than was imagined at the time. When we were DII we had a hard time competing for kids with the new DI schools in the area. We were offering 1/2 rides to compete with full rides from the DI schools. Their additional money compensated for the lack of playoff opportunity. Once we could compete $$ wise we were behind the 8 ball due to lack of playoff eligibility. Now we are playing catchup with the teams that have had success recently. It might be a while.
  14. I was asked this weekend where our recruiting base is. I am not sure we have one. I agree that the coastal kids aren't usually the answer. They often leave before completing their eligibility.
  15. In the Twin Cities it is on Comcast 725 FCS Pacific
  16. I was there again Saturday and made it to the last minute before I left. I have never been much of a 'fire the coach' guy but it is time. A friend of mine who is from the Twin Cities and has coached at a very high level made said Saturday after the game - "It was very hard to watch kids not wanting to play." That kind of says it all.
  17. I really don't want to play you and don't care if we ever do. It does bother me when they are spewing that can't get games because teams are afraid of them. Talk about a wet dream.
  18. I heard from the parents of an SU player that they can't get games this year because nobody will play them. I guess they should have looked 75 miles north.
  19. Not really a gauge of his play as the defense gave up TDs on virtually every drive, He didn't play at all on defense as far as I know. There is also a guy that will go down as the hot dog vendor in one of the biggest blowouts in UND Alerus history. Almost as relevant.
  20. I'm on board with Mollberg. Bartels wasn't bad but Joe was very good.
  21. Driving in from the Twin Cities for the game tonight. Really excited for some tailgating and football.
  22. Is there any more news on Ross Windfeldt?
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