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  1. Don't see the game video available on line. Is it supposed to be?
  2. I am hearing that Tibesar would be a long shot at best. He likes what he is doing now.
  3. I am willing to claim him as a UND guy. He grew up in town when his dad was coaching at UND and he hung out at practice all of the time. He is definitely a UW guy but he has UND roots too. I think it is possible to be both.
  4. I know it means nothing but I talked to Kleinsasser last winter when he was doing a promotion for some ice fishing gear and he said he would never get into coaching.
  5. If Brooks learned much from his dad (and I'm sure he did) I would fully support him. Rob was one of the best coaches I have ever been around.
  6. I picked the wrong day to go. Was there yesterday. No complaints though
  7. To me it looked like the seniors played the first two series on defense.
  8. I was at the game and estimated around 2000. I moved to the first row behind the bench for a while and there were 3 others in that row besides me.
  9. I don't have any more inside pull than anybody else but am trying to say I am very invested emotionally in the team. I have talked to Faison for about 3 minutes once while we were at the same table while he ate his dinner. He wouldn't know me if I bit him. If you look back at my earlier replies I agreed that since this is America you can do what you want to...........and I have a right to say what I think about those actions. I just see it as trying to embarrass a guy who is trying to do his best and what he thinks is right. Public humiliation shoudn't be a tactic in my opinion. I don't see how he can be retained after this season but if you want to say that there is a right and wrong way to go about it. If you never go to football games and don't care for the sport - it sounds like you are really just trolling to get a rise out of people.
  10. I think you have been accused of being his other mistress for being too supportive so I am in good company. I am not supporting Muss at all as a football coach. I am just talking about what I view as the right way to do things. I have been a fan since I was in grade school, am a football letterwinner, a Champions Club member and a season ticket holder even though I live 300 miles away. I am pretty invested in the program and will let my voice be heard, just not in a way that I think is classless. I am sure Smokey won't be bringing a sign to the game either.
  11. My point is that his family is sure to notice a sign like that and it is not right. I agree with Ira and others here that it would be ineffective and grandstanding on your part. If he was my son, father, brother or husband I would track you down with your sign and probably try to stick it someplace inappropriate regardless of of the path he chose. I don't think he should or will be retained but there are right and wrong (classless) ways to go about letting the corrent people know that. The only thing I would consider worse would be a bag on your head.
  12. I would still kick you in the nads, regardless of my chosen career path, if you were running down my family in public with a sign .
  13. I wouldn't be mad at them but I would be embarrassed to think that someone in Muss's family might see that. If it was my family member they were targeting I would probably try to destroy the sign and kick the person in the a$$ that had it.
  14. I don't support retaining Muss. You are right - this is still America and a person should be allowed to bring a "Fire Muss" sign to a game. Because it is America I am also allowed to have the opinion that it would be poor taste to bring a Fire Muss sign to a game and I stand behind that. If you want to make that statement there are more classy ways to do it like contacting the AD directly.
  15. I paid good money for a Champions Club membership and FB season tickets and am unhappy with the product being put on the field. I don't think Muss should be retained but I still say it would be in poor taste to bring a sign like that to a game.
  16. I would find that in poor taste.
  17. I am planning to tailgate and go to the game on Saturday. Not sure why but I can't help myself.
  18. Thanks for the link. I have heard over the years that he is worth a ton and owns a lot of apartment buildings but didn't know any of the details. There was a lot of talk that he partnered up with Marvin Wolfenson and Harvey Ratner who started the NW Health Clubs and owned the Timberwolves. I think they were friends from north Minneapolis when they were younger.
  19. Hopefully we have a good group from UND at the game. I was helping my dad coordinate with UND and NAU regarding tailgating for some of the parents and both groups said they expect a good UND turnout.
  20. How can you watch 5 guys try to block 7 over and over and not make any adjustments.
  21. How can you watch 5 guys try to block 7 over and over and not make any adjustments.
  22. Both Steve and Brandon work hard and earn everything the get. Brandon is a beast inside when he is healthy.
  23. I was more encouraged Saturday. I thought the guys gave a good effort and competed for the first time in a few home games. A couple of breaks go our way instead of against us and we have a chance to win. The roughing the punter no-call and not blowing the Golladay play dead prior to the fumble were big and could have gone the other way. Still a long way to go but better than we have seen for a while.
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