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  1. Really? And where do you think that safety is? In the box. So, yea, lets run it when the defense is in a run heavy set with a safety blitz on tap. And you're right every coach tells the qb before the first game of the year not to take advantage of mismatches. Just forget I mentioned that, you clearly know that the chance of your kicker making a 51 yard FG for the win is wayyyyyyy higher than completing a pass to a WR who has 5 inches on a DB who is on an island. Don't see any reference in your post here to what you are talking about. I haven't read all of your posts on the subject. My point is still the same - poor decision to thow a deep low percentage pass on 3rd down and 1 and not try a safer play to get the 1st down in that situation. That should have been made clear to the qb at some point prior to running the play.
  2. Are those the only two options you have on 3rd down? A dive into the middle or a fly pattern down the sideline? How about a safe throw that gets you the first down and has a higher percentage of success. If the dive would have been so dumb on 3rd down, why was it so smart on 4th down in your opinion? I also believe that the numbers would tell you that Millers success rate on field goals of that length are higher than % completions on the pass we threw. I kicked in Greeley and you get an extra 10 yards or so due to the altitude. You don't have to hit it as hard so it is a much easier kick than a normal 50 yarder. I think he has done that a few times in the last 2 years.
  3. strongly disagree. You don't go for it 100% of the time at that point in the game. The % of success is too low. Your qb should be instructed of that before he takes the field before the first game of the year.
  4. a 51 yard kick at UNC at altitude is the same is a 41 yarder at home. Not that difficult of a kick for Miller. Better yet don't throw a bomb on 3rd and 1
  5. you have 3rd and short and throw a bomb. if you are willing to go for it on 4th, why not try something short on 3rd down and take 2 chances at it.
  6. It does control the demand. As I said, my group quit spending our money in ND. Hunters from the Twin Cities and other disant places don't care. They are only going once or twice anyway. I bet the restaurant, bar and hotel owners would rather see more business, especially later in the season.
  7. It is the people on the border who suffer. My father grew up in ND and hunted geese there for 20+ years. A number of years after moving to MN they changed the rules. The out of state fees and limited days eventually caused us to stop going there and we spend our hunting $$ eslswhere. It would be the equivalent if MN put similar fees and limited days for out of state fishing. MN is smart enough to realize that they would rather have the tourism dollars.
  8. Dressler is playing right now on NBC Sports Network. ealy in game with no score.
  9. I watched the last two nights on FCS. Not a great picture but I will get by. Just happy to be able to watch the games.
  10. listening on iHeart radio. Wish I could watch.
  11. I believe it was a football injury.
  12. Nobody here cares about your team. Go home.
  13. Per Schlossman blog: Two UND players have been punished for receiving minors in possession/consumption of alcohol. Dan Senkbeil, who was cited for a minor and for failure to halt on Aug. 31, was suspended from all team activities for two weeks. He has not yet been cleared by coach Dave Hakstol to play in games. Senkbeil received his minor one week before turning 21. Michael Parks was cited for a minor and his punishment is being handled internally. Parks is 20. Both players were rookies last season. Senkbeil played in 30 games at forward, registering three assists. Parks played in all 42 games and registered 22 points.
  14. I hate to agree with you but this has been taken too far.
  15. RT @MikeMcFeelyKFGO: Tom Becka of Talk 101.9 FM came up with new slogan for NDSU football: "Bison football: Kickin' ass, takin' names!"
  16. The truth is that GT still has his undies in a bunch from when UND made the decision not to play SU in football because they were a non-counter towards the playoffs. I was told a few years ago by a prominent Fargo sportswriter that Chappy and GT stated that the game would never happen under their watch. Now that Chappy is gone GT may be more receptive but who cares. We will have a full FCS schedule after the first game of this year and I can't stand looking at their GB Packer unis anyway.
  17. I am sure Muss is working on a scholly for him. Hopefully it is enough to keep him.
  18. Count me in that group. I don't like having to retire the name but it is the only reasonable thing to do. We fought the good fight and the penalties aren't worth it anymore.
  19. I attended Sioux - Bison games of all kinds for 35+ years and played in 3 of them. They are the most intense / exciting games you will ever see. There is so much on the line for both teams regarding bragging rights and recruiting advantages. I still say we shouldn't beg that cow college for anything. If they don't want to play us and think they are just doing us a favor they can stuff it. We will find other games.
  20. A public figure gets suspended from her job for 2 weeks for harassment of a student. That is news and should be reported even if the public institution she works for doesn't want it to be.
  21. My point is that the person that started this forum isn't necessarily an unhappy parent or player as a couple of posters stated. UND and Grand Forks are fairly small communities and word gets around.
  22. Not much of a stretch to believe that they could know somebody on the team or close to the team.
  23. KFAN beyond the pond segment this morning on how Hennen announcing gave UND advantage. Really? In your backyard? Move the tourney to Grand Forks next year and bring your announcer. And good luck with a Big 10 tourney in Madison or Detroit or Columbus! I guess it must have been hard hearing "here's your University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux SCORING...." SIX UNANSWERED TIMES!
  24. MN had more fast strong skaters than we did. Most surreal moment of the game was when the PA played Native American war drums late in the 1st period. What a bunch of hypocrites.
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