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  1. I was told they put it to the players and they voted to have him keep coaching. I assumed that was GT's decision to do that. I don't know what the % was each way.
  2. Word from the team meeting this morning is the players were asked to vote on whether or not he should keep coaching through the playoffs. They voted to have him coach through the playoffs. I am surprised that Wyoming wouldn't have something to say about that.
  3. I guess I find it hard to believe that he was that much in demand that he could wait for Nebraska. Passing up a huge payday like he got to wait for a long shot (in my opinioni) doesn't seem like a smart move. I don't know the answer but how many high profile BCS schools have gone to the FCS level to hire a head coach? Jim Tressel to Ohio State was one.
  4. I was a little surprised by some of the talk earlier that it would take a Nebraska or K State type job to lure Bohl away from Fargo. Huge salary difference with Wyoming vs. NDSU and even 5 years there would make him a very rich man.
  5. He told a reporter friend of mine. I asked why he didnt report it and he said he wouldn't be allowed back in NDSU locker rooms if he reported it. The actual statement was that NDSU wouldn't play as long as GT or Chapman were there.
  6. GT stated a few years ago that they would never play as long as he is at NDSU.
  7. Understand. The only thing I still question is the thought that there was a coverup regarding Hardee's prior DUI. There are two ways it gets out:it is found on a police record somewhere and reported by the media. Somebody on here said that it was in a municipal court so it wasn't widely available. I don't know the specifics of how that works but it sounds reasonable. Maybe the media saw it and didn't report it but it is plausible that nobody ever knew it existed. the other is that Faison/UND would report it once they were aware of it. I don't think they have an obligation to report that to the media or should. Do you?
  8. Charlie - did someone hijack your account? I have always enjoyed your comments on here as they were pretty well thought out but this thread has pretty much degenerated into a peeing match. To answer your question - UND hockey isn't doing very well this year but I think you knew that. If you remember right the Big Ten teams pulled out of the WCHA. The word is that UND left because the smaller budget schools generally vote together to limit spending and scholarships. They were outvoted with MN and Sconny still in the conf but the balance shifted when they left. The worry was that it would hurt UND in recruiting and level of play in the long run. If that sounds familiar it is the same reason NDSU gave for wanting to leave DII for DI.
  9. I am not sure of the rules but it seems like volleyball players can transfer between D1 programs without sitting out a year. I have seen it a number of times with UM volleyball players both in and out of the program.
  10. They have been punished enough already!!! Let them play.
  11. I know you are just giving back what you have gotten from the UND crowd but to say that the Fargo media reports everything they know is just not true. I heard some damaging things about NDSU leadership a couple of years ago from one of the media members who covers the Bison daily. I asked why he didn't report it and his answer was that he would never be allowed back at NDSU if he did. It wasn't anything he heard off the record but he didn't dare tell all he knew. I agree with your other statement that Roger Thomas was a great guy and UND was luck to have him.
  12. Per @travisWSN UND OL Joel Isenberger is transferring to Winona State (D2). I sat in the first row during the last game and saw Joel Isenberger was in his jersey but not dressed to play. He and another player who was also not dressed sat on the end of bench to watch the game. A coach ran down and berated them for sitting down and made them stand. Both of them did what they were told but it really seemed like they had had enough.
  13. in all seriousness - Blais once said they should change the name of the game to Goalie because that is really what matters. I'm sure Hak would love to have a hot goalie in the playoffs
  14. They aren't mutually exclusive. Mike Ditka and Kevin McHale come to mind.
  15. I was responding to a statement that he wouldn't be getting any interest if he wasn't from GF. I still disagree. Being from the area is a reason he might be interested in the job and there are plenty of reasons to consider him as a candidtate. All of the things I listed are reasons he would have credibility with a HS recruit and maybe enough relevent experience. I know I would have been pretty impressed when I was being recruited. I am not sure he is the top candidate but should be considered if he applies. To say we should have no interest in him is foolish.
  16. Not saying any of those are requirements. You said not one person would be mentioning him if he wasn't from gf. I was pointing out some qualifications he has that might make some people intersted in him. I guess those would get my attention if an applicant had that background. If you can get Nick Sabin to come to UND I say lets go for it.
  17. I disagree. If you were talking about a potential coach that had:starting QB in the Big Ten and won two Rose Bowls spent a number of years playing in the NFL head HS coach two years as QB coach at FBS school named by one site as top assistent in the Big East you should have interest regardless of what his name is. The fact that he has local ties and should be able to recruit in the surrounding states is another bonus.
  18. Thanks. I saw Stefan play a number of times in hs and he is a pretty good player. Hard to compare HS bb to the Big Sky but I believe that USC was recruiting him pretty hard as a senior. His dad told me he loves it at UND and is really excited to play there.
  19. I have not heard that Stefan has been cleared yet. Has he?
  20. I agree that it is awful to watch. His team benefitted more than ours did but I agree that the foul emphasis needs to change.
  21. Don't see the game video available on line. Is it supposed to be?
  22. I am hearing that Tibesar would be a long shot at best. He likes what he is doing now.
  23. I am willing to claim him as a UND guy. He grew up in town when his dad was coaching at UND and he hung out at practice all of the time. He is definitely a UW guy but he has UND roots too. I think it is possible to be both.
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