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  1. Kessel is sitting out the year for the Olympics.
  2. They did have more scholly money than everybody else during the 80's. They were good at giving kids 2/3 rides and letting them eat on campus for free, and a 2/3 becomes a full ride. They effectively had 1/3 more scholarships than anybody else at that time.
  3. I hope you realize that every team has a strength coach and all of them think their guy is the best. It's hard to imagine that there are many secrets that aren't well known in the industry.
  4. I don't know how justified this arrest was but I do know from a friend at the courthouse that the GF cops and court system get frustrated with the UND police for some of the arrests they make.
  5. Young people make mistakes and hopefully they learn from them. It's time to let this story go.
  6. I I also wish that we could have done something sooner but getting the right coach is more important.
  7. All we heard earlier was that Faison killed this class by waiting too long to name a coach.
  8. Maybe, just maybe Rau was smarting off when they were one person apart in the line. Rau wouldn't have had to wait until they were touching each other to say something. Hakstol did say that Rau was smarting off in the line but wouldn't elaborate. He also said it didn't excuse what Blood did but that it also violated the sanctity of the handshake line.
  9. Some will take it farther. Rumor is after Kleinsasser called Rocky to tell him that had verbaled to UND, Rocky called Wyoming and talked him up, hoping they would offer and Jimmy would take a full ride over his commitment to UND.
  10. Hak did reference them running their mouths during handshake line when addressing the Blood incident. He agreed that the line is supposed to be sacred regarding fighting but said it is also supposed to be sacred regarding mouthing off. He wouldn't elaborate beyond that.
  11. I am not sure how many 18 year olds know or have heard about Hedberg who played one year in the NFL in 1977. I would guess most of them have watched or definitely heard about Bollinger.
  12. I am disppointed to see that Sparks is leaving. He ran well when he got a few carries at the end of the year.
  13. They got permission because they give a ton of money to the Semilole tribe in Florida. I know they only had to get approval from the closest tribe but about 90% of Seminoles live in Oklahoma.
  14. Everyone step back from the ledge. They were exhibition games.
  15. Dale is a great football guy and a very quality person. We aren't great friends but I played with him at UND and have followed the program closely since I was 13 years old. Based on my observations and that of guys that played for him and coached with him, I would have welcomed him back as the head coach and was hoping Faison would seek him out this time. Things haven't gone as well as he had hoped at SIU and I don't know the reason for that. He has lost a ton of close games over the years for some reason.
  16. I talked to the Farmington PK and his dad at the spring game last year. I have a relative teaching in Farmington so his letter jacket caught my eye. Seemed like a real good kid.
  17. Bring back Gunther. His teams could really play defense.
  18. I am still in town for Christmas so I went to the press conference. I loved Bubba's emotion as well as his words. Love the hire.
  19. Sorry I wasn't more clear. For those of you that need everything spelled out for you (AC grads or flunkies) he was talking about football.
  20. I don't think Bubba had any control over that.
  21. Just got an email from Faison as a "football stakeholder" announcing Bubba. Good luck Bubba.
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