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  1. I would still kick you in the nads, regardless of my chosen career path, if you were running down my family in public with a sign .
  2. I wouldn't be mad at them but I would be embarrassed to think that someone in Muss's family might see that. If it was my family member they were targeting I would probably try to destroy the sign and kick the person in the a$$ that had it.
  3. I don't support retaining Muss. You are right - this is still America and a person should be allowed to bring a "Fire Muss" sign to a game. Because it is America I am also allowed to have the opinion that it would be poor taste to bring a Fire Muss sign to a game and I stand behind that. If you want to make that statement there are more classy ways to do it like contacting the AD directly.
  4. I paid good money for a Champions Club membership and FB season tickets and am unhappy with the product being put on the field. I don't think Muss should be retained but I still say it would be in poor taste to bring a sign like that to a game.
  5. I would find that in poor taste.
  6. I am planning to tailgate and go to the game on Saturday. Not sure why but I can't help myself.
  7. Thanks for the link. I have heard over the years that he is worth a ton and owns a lot of apartment buildings but didn't know any of the details. There was a lot of talk that he partnered up with Marvin Wolfenson and Harvey Ratner who started the NW Health Clubs and owned the Timberwolves. I think they were friends from north Minneapolis when they were younger.
  8. Hopefully we have a good group from UND at the game. I was helping my dad coordinate with UND and NAU regarding tailgating for some of the parents and both groups said they expect a good UND turnout.
  9. How can you watch 5 guys try to block 7 over and over and not make any adjustments.
  10. How can you watch 5 guys try to block 7 over and over and not make any adjustments.
  11. Both Steve and Brandon work hard and earn everything the get. Brandon is a beast inside when he is healthy.
  12. I was more encouraged Saturday. I thought the guys gave a good effort and competed for the first time in a few home games. A couple of breaks go our way instead of against us and we have a chance to win. The roughing the punter no-call and not blowing the Golladay play dead prior to the fumble were big and could have gone the other way. Still a long way to go but better than we have seen for a while.
  13. The other problem Brewster had was the kids he brought in couldn't stay elibible. I heard through a person close to the UM program that he got kids into school with ACT scores of 10 and 11. None of them lasted very long and almost all of them were gone within 2-3 years.
  14. Those two players weren't hurt but what about others when he won't return calls or messages from schools that are interested in them. I have a HS classmate who coached in central MN 10-15 years ago. He stumbled into a great situation and had a stud team. He told NDSU they couldn't talk to just 2 of his players, they needed to talk to all 5 he thought they should. NDSU recruiter walked away and never came back.
  15. I used Google Chromecast last night and it worked fine. I didn't watch the entire 2nd period so might have missed if there were the any issues then.
  16. I am with Sic on clock management. The 22 second drive with an 11 point lead and 7 minutes left is really poor. Also at end of 1st half we were 2nd and goal at the 3 with 1:23 left, 2 or 3 timeouts and didn't use the whole play clock. We were lucky they didn't score before the end of the half. 20 seconds there are important.
  17. hope we can build on that but the penalties, wow. No offense at all in the second half but a win is a win.
  18. announcer just said they have 5:53, thats almost 6 minutes. Not !@$!
  19. 2nd and 3 and trying to run clock so throw 2 incompletions. Unbelievable play calling
  20. I think the announcers might be part of an SNL skit. not sure they are for real
  21. great return by Hardin. Horrible camera work and worse announcing as was stated before.
  22. why didn't he run some clock when we were in the 3 with just over a minute left and 2nd down
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