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  1. Notre Dame v. LSU. I hope it doesn't get ugly. Go Irish!
  2. The "other sports" location of this forum I imagine...
  3. Yep. Also, I'm not a believer in TCU.
  4. Excellent write up from Justin Bourne on his decision between junior and college. http://blogs.thescore.com/nhl/2012/05/11/my-experience-with-the-choice-between-major-junior-and-college-hockey/
  5. Ole Miss stretches their lead on a huge run.
  6. Its gonna be a long afternoon for Notre Dame unfortunately.
  7. Might be a long day for the SEC. Louisville up on Kentucky, Clemson dominated South Carolina, and I'll bet Florida State beats Florida.
  8. Well, two game winning streak to take into next season. Lets have a good offseason guys.
  9. Learn something new every drive from these guys.
  10. Well, gotta be feeling pretty good headed into the fourth quarter.
  11. Also the iHeart radio works for 96.1 the fox
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