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  1. Pull up 96.1 the fox and then pause the muted eversport stream until the audio syncs with the video.
  2. Always nice to see gracious and thankful students win those scholarships. Kudos for your company sponsoring the scholarships.
  3. Its just unfortunate in my opinion that the Betty wasn't built to seat more like 5,000 or there abouts.
  4. It would be nice to blow this one open and get the backups some playing time.
  5. Would it be possible to put in glass on the south end of the building above the cat walk (is my orientation correct) ? Give it some natural light and some warmth.
  6. Nope. Charge for it if they have to. It was ridiculous that NCHC TV took this long to get an app put together.
  7. BigSkyTV needs a Roku/AppleTV channel. Seriously, what kind of streaming package doesn't offer that?
  8. Ah this win feels good! Even if it was ugly
  9. I wonder who sent in the name correction haha
  10. Hope UND comes out of the locker room with some fire.
  11. Hopefully thats the last of the shakey D.
  12. No to Mankato. Take the B1G proposal. It gets Wisc. and Minn. on the schedule regularly and saves a spot in the NCHC for a future big name (U. of Arizona, etc.).
  13. Might be another Hawks in the NHL soon.... http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/08/11/here-are-the-names-being-considered-for-las-vegas-nhl-team/
  14. I wish UND would sell floppy hats like Kevin is wearing in that photo and like the one Bubba wears.
  15. Good opportunity to get some INTs.
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