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  1. Its hard to be productive this morning. Fun times though.
  2. Sweet. Happy to see Midco picking up the Saturday game.
  3. Good info Hammersmith. ------ Hopefully Bubba can get the team going gangbusters this year and the fans follow so revenue starts to increase for football.
  4. Are teams going to be able to "slit" the stipends like they do scholarships?
  5. I'm not sure how many sports we need for conference affiliation and what not, but it would seem that if we cut baseball and a corresponding number of women's scholarships, that should free up some money to offset the cost of adding stipends to hockey, football, volleyball, etc.
  6. Billings would be an easy drive, especially for fans in western NoDak.
  7. Hockey is for sure, and that is good to hear. Football better be a sure thing as well if NDSU, SDSU, Montana, etc. offer full cost of attendance. Can't leave football behind.
  8. Well maybe he has already committed to UND (in his head or something) and considers NDSU to be a rival. Or maybe he is using the term in jest and is open to being recruited by them. Who knows....
  9. I wonder in what context he was using "rival" in...
  10. Just out of curiosity, I wonder what overseas sales look like.
  11. If someone can get highlights from this game up on youtube... that'd be awesome!
  12. Just reminds me of how good Pat was.
  13. Thats a tough one.... Would like to see Molberg healthy with a solid O line.
  14. The games are free on NHL.com without an NHLNetwork subscription?
  15. In his defense, they should have put the land grant in Grand Forks at UND, similar to Nebraska since UND already existed and was established. But ND liked to spread the love, so Jamestown got the mental hospital and Bismarck got the jail (side story, they could have made a push for UND, but the grocers association in Bismarck wasn't confident in UND being a good economic boost, and they figured there would always be prisoners to feed, so they pushed for the state prison), Devils Lake got the Deaf School, everyone got a college written into the constitution, etc. In hind site, there were lots of mistakes made back then.
  16. I thought it was shorthand for "A Hundred Percent" or something. Its dumb though (unless I'm totally not getting it).
  17. Do you know who his other offer is from?
  18. Good character kid too. Always nice to have.
  19. This. Or Nodaks. Or just Northern pike.
  20. Either that or FBS but they are still a year away and not ready to start pouring in the big dollars.
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