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  1. Thanks for moving this. Also, is anyone really surprised.... $$$$$$
  2. Weber State football loses 9 scholarships due to academic dishonesty. http://www.si.com/college-football/2014/11/19/weber-state-scholarship-reduction-ncaa-math-professor
  3. Why does the NHL schedule so many Sunday games? They have 6 games today going up against the NFL today. It's got to be a disaster in the ratings and fan interest departments.
  4. I understand that, and I know there are injuries on defense. But still, I didn't expect them to fall off like they have since the FSU game.
  5. Not sure what the heck is going on with Notre Dame... Hope they get it turned around soon. Go Irish.
  6. Go Sioux!! After the football game, a win tonight would really make for an awesome day.
  7. Somewhere between not very many and just a few.....
  8. So.... Who picked UND to have 24 points at half time?
  9. Watching Garmin- I think it would help a lot if we were able to let players like him develop and grow up until they are juniors/seniors. It just seems like getting them all beat up by playing them early in their careers kills their development and confidence for the long term.
  10. Oh yeah. The elusive first quarter offensive TD!!!!
  11. Cold cold game in Minneapolis for the Gophs vs OSU.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Always appreciate all the work you put into this site.
  13. Just saw one of the craziest plays ever in the Utah-Oregon game. WR for Utah catches a pass for what looks like a 79 yard TD, but instead, he drops the ball at the half yard line to celebrate the TD. Live ball is picked up by Oregon and returned 99 yards for the TD. Wow.
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