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  1. The other thing about these close offside reviews is that these plays are so close the integrity of the play isn't really compromised. If it was so obvious that the offside player gained an advantage, or if the defending team hesitated or stopped playing, the indisputable evidence would certainly be apparent on the replay and the reversal would be warranted.
  2. I've been thinking about this trend of reviewing offside zone entries on scoring plays, and I can't help but wonder why not extend it to dump-in zone entries? Why don't we go back to make sure the puck carrier truly gained the red line on a dump-in entry that results in a goal? I mean, we want to make sure we get it right, don't we? Note: I hate offside reviews and am not in favor of this...just pointing out some of the inconsistencies with using video review to make sure we get calls right. Of course, linesmen would actually have to take the red line as seriously as the blue line.
  3. I wasn't at Scheels Arena, but I was at the Ralph in 2006. It's no question that the Ralph in 2006 was the best atmosphere I had ever been a part of...but what if Holy Cross hadn't happened? From the look of the atmosphere at Scheels arena on TV, even without a significant upset of the gophers that place looked intense. It's a difficult comparison because a pretty significant component of arena atmosphere depends on what's happening on the ice.
  4. The 10-11 team was the #1 seed and wore white the whole tourney.
  5. I apologize. I'm a tad ornery from how the B's played tonight in Ottawa. If they lose again Wednesday I'll probably feel worse than after the Michigan State weekend!
  6. The "too" in your first sentence is superfluous.
  7. Thanks for the correction. I'd really hate for my point to be lost due to poor subject/verb agreement. It sucks not being perfect.
  8. The unusual weather fluctuations this early in March certainly doesn't help. There was a tornado warning NW of the metro this evening.
  9. Mark Johnson has a significant role in USA Hockey's coaching modules specific to coaching female athletes.
  10. Perhaps there was less desire/preparation in this particular offseason for some reason????
  11. I can't wait to hear how bad that weekend against MSU was throughout the entire summer, too! @MafiaMan don't you have a beating a dead horse gif stashed away somewhere?
  12. Boy could we use our best PP of the year here...
  13. This is the worst puck management/protection I've seen in a long time from this team. We are terrible with the puck.
  14. Whoa...slow down....we need to go 1-0 ten consecutive times for this to work right.
  15. This is the first year since we started attending the conference tourney in 1999 that I did not renew my tickets. BUT...we are still going! We are just electing not to buy tickets in advance. We used to stay at the Embassy Suites in St. Paul every year, and we're pumped that a new one opened in Minneapolis just about a block from the Target Center. I just hope the team can join us!!!
  16. Exactly. He possessed it with Zach in the zone.
  17. Doesn't the blue line belong to whatever zone the puck is in, so wouldn't Coyle have had to pull the puck COMPLETELY over the blue line for the puck to be considered out of the offensive zone? He pulled it onto the blue line, but I don't think he got it all the way over.
  18. Just wondering...should moderators be ignoring users? Kinda defeats the purpose, no? Please don't ban me!
  19. You see...next year is all about how it's going this year. Struggle to win at home and score goals - next year is going to be worse. Win a national championship? No reason we can't hang 9 next year.
  20. I love how we assume it's a waste for these guys because they're currently struggling to win, but then extol the virtues of college hockey when saying they should stay the extra year.
  21. Doug McLeod just called this UM/PSU game a "classic Big Ten tilt." Classic? Since the conference (and PSU) aren't very old, surely he means "typical." 4-1 Gophers
  22. If this is just fun & games for the sake of entertainment, why the need to call out bias and be so abrasive? You do realize this isn't objectivecollegehockey.com? Take your own advice. Stop reading and replying to the bias here.
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