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  1. An argument could be made for Lee Goren on Dave's 90s-2000s team. Travis Roche was pretty good too.
  2. Based on time at UND, I'd definitely have Jeff Panzer in your centers list over Brock Nelson.
  3. I keep thinking of the football adage "If you've got two quarterbacks you've got zero quarterbacks." I hope this year's "depth throughout the lineup" mantra doesn't end up meaning "zero legitimate scoring threats." Its still early though.
  4. I thought they started a tad slow, but really picked it up after the first. I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt being a mere two weeks in and on a long road trip. It's not like they didn't learn anything last night, and if they (and we) trust the process they'll be fine. I would've liked to see a PPG or at least less perimeter play and more of an effort to get the puck down low. The 5 on 3 PK with the game on the line was a pretty big moment and they passed that test. AA had all the momentum after tying the game just minutes before.
  5. Kronwall and Hagelin are others that come to my mind on this.
  6. Snake

    Twins ?

    They "quit messing with his swing?" The guy used to have a huge leg kick/stride that they've tamed considerably. He's now able to stay back and not flail at breaking balls like he used to. I'd say a lot of the changes they've asked him to make are now paying dividends. He's been damn fun to watch!
  7. But he's only being asked to face Big 10 defenses this year, so...
  8. Shame on me for having such a narrow view of these things!
  9. Brilliant move (or non-move) by Sullivan coming back with Murray for game 5. I'm sure there was a lot of outside pressure to go with the best goalie in the world, but he made the right call. His team responded nicely.
  10. As much as it pains me to say it....you can't ignore the contribution the Gopher fans made toward the atmosphere of the tourney. A good chunk of them still showed up even though their team wasn't there.
  11. The only reason DU has a shot at back-to-back next season is because we had so many early departures last season. We should be talking three-peat!
  12. Bjorgstrom and Monty should just go to Florida together. Win-Win!
  13. The NCAA always has them at the top of their preseason list to do the title game. It's the most likely scenario!
  14. Interesting move if true. Would think an expansion franchise would want someone with NHL experience, but it would certainly be a clean start for them.
  15. My guess would be Florida. Tandem deal with Borgstrom, haha!
  16. Perhaps, but if the best league in the world comes calling I don't know how you turn that down.
  17. Not to mention Montgomery. If he got looks last year, his stock is very high. Already three NHL teams with interim coaches, so who knows.
  18. I'm not advocating for or against checking...just thinking out loud about how it would be implemented and what a potential unintended consequence could be. It would certainly increase the entertainment value, but as for player development I could argue that a larger talent pool would force the "shity" players to improve more so than forcing them to deal with checking. I could also argue that allowing checking in the world championships would widen the gap between the North American teams and the rest of the world, making the non-USA/Canada games even more unwatchable. I feel they are that much better. If checking means less players playing through High School, I don't want it. If it doesn't affect growth or enhances it, put me in the "yes" column! I gotta think/hope that it has at least been talked about or studied by the sport's governing bodies.
  19. Will adding checking at the higher levels, say 15U and above, increase or decrease the number of girls playing the sport at those levels? If it causes the numbers to decline, I want nothing to do with checking. This sport needs more athletes, plain and simple. The USA and Canada dominate because they have the numbers. The only way the college game will get better is if the talent pool grows. Mediocre teams that can check are still mediocre.
  20. I thought I saw the officials mouth "well, they did lose to Michigan State, so it can't possibly be a legit goal." You were so right!
  21. Don't forget that anything goes as long as it's "within the context of the game."
  22. Do all college rinks have the same height glass these days? Could that be why it's not implemented?
  23. I think you're both right since Reebok and CCM have consolidated under the CCM brand.
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