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  1. Are you asking if we lost a recruiting battle? I don't think he was a recruiting target.
  2. When you graduate a class like last year's you have a lot of returning forwards put into new roles.
  3. The NCHC is basically replacing the first two shooters of the shootout with a 3x3 OT session. The shootout portion then becomes "sudden death," and can end after the first shooters.
  4. Actually I believe the first 5 minutes of OT will be NCAA standard 5x5, not 4x4.
  5. They mentioned on NHL network last night that BOS offered 6 years somewhere around $5.5 AAV to Hamilton, and he ended up signing for 6 and $5.75AAV with Calgary. It's possible the writing was on the wall that Dougie was looking for a change and they got what they could. The money wasn't that far apart.
  6. If we were the North Stars maybe we could get an invite to the mid-season college hockey tourney at the X named in our honor! Roll Ridas!
  7. Bruins will be back! Thread hijacked in 3...2...1...
  8. Actually, the simple question should've been.... Hire Berry?
  9. Not gonna lie...I'll be rooting for the guy as well.
  10. Don't worry, this place will still be all things Bruins.
  11. Snake


    Yep, it has been a while. I wanna say mid to late 90s.
  12. Snake


    Columbia Sports?
  13. Duncan winning the Hobey Opening of the REA Or are you limiting it to on-ice moments?
  14. In that same vein, Michigan losing to BU in '97 worked out pretty well for Blais.
  15. Jack Edwards is awesome, obviously, because he calls Bruins games on NESN. Not trying to turn this into a Bruins thread...really...I'm not. On a side note...during one of NESN's broadcasts of "The Instigators" this past year, Jack went on a mini-rant about how he thought the Fighting Sioux logo was the best in college hockey and how it was a crying shame we had to give it up. Loved it!
  16. The question is do the boys have what it takes to pick him up. He's the reason they're here. If only we could've turned the early 2nd period pressure into a 2-2 game...
  17. It seems like every year it's about "business." Screw that...I wish they'd focus on having fun.
  18. The thing is, Zane has bailed this team out all season. Time for our big guns on offense to pick him up. We just suck at putting the puck in the net.
  19. My only hope now is they're sandbagging for the 8th spot and the Metropolitan bracket. Gotta avoid Montreal!
  20. Ok...I didn't pay that much attention. At least there's precedent.
  21. We got really, really sick of eating at the same places during the Final Five for four straight years! Didn't quite work the 4th time.
  22. Yes...on GAME DAY. We can't have you change it up and start it a day early. Just try not to get suspended before then...
  23. They just sell their tickets to more BU fans...at ridiculously high prices.
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