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1 hour ago, Jerry said:

UND beats Valparaiso 62-56.  UND had a 10 ten point lead with a minute to go but missed a bunch of free throws as Valpo got within 4.  UND was 16-34 from the free throw line. Game was called tight with 57 total fouls.  

Encouraging win.

both men’s and women’s team gave up big leads but hung on. Wouldn’t concern me as much if there wasn’t a history of this happening 

free throw % will kill a team

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2 minutes ago, UND1983 said:

Klabo shot 6 times and scored 19 points tonight.  That is an absurd efficiency rating.  

Why the hell is she only shooting 6 times?  It should be 16 times every night.

nearly perfect from the field. 

I agree, especially when the rest of the team shoots 13 of 56 from the field. 

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This team is going to struggle unless they start shooting from outside better. Klabo will be good inside but if there is no outside shooting there

will be no game for her inside. I also think the outside shooting could improve if they had offense that put the girls they have in position where they

are best able to take shots that are high percentage shots for them. So far the new recruits they have brought in haven't addressed this problem at shooting but maybe they 

will later as season progresses.  I think at best were 500 team for this year and we sure are not structured to compete in the Summit conference. Brewster recruiting has picked up

last year but the Two years before that has put this team where it is at.  Like I said before last year he got lazy coaching after he went to the dance and I believe he thought he was

going to move on and that didn't happen. Now he trying to play catchup and I wonder with this current group if he hasn't gotten them to buy in because of what's happen last couple years.

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