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  1. I didn't see a Hilary Myers on the roster but did see a Hilary Griffin.
  2. Reinke might be able to play this weekend according to the tv broadcast.
  3. Rod Merriam from Huron was Mr. Basketball in South Dakota in 1980. He played for UND on the 1981-82 team that lost in the national quarter finals to Cal Bakersfield. He was a good shooting guard.
  4. It has been a rough season for the ladies but a real nice win today. They played good defense in the second half limiting their fouls.
  5. After watching Jal in the games he played in November and December, I am surprised by the interest he received by bigger programs than UND. He needs to gain 30 pounds. I like what I saw from Hazekamp. He will hopefully get more playing time with Seales graduating.
  6. Klabo with 7 first half turnovers and 2-8 shooting. We should be posting her up more. Most of the turnovers and missed shots are from 15-20 feet from the basket.
  7. I am tired of seeing Western Illinois driving to the basket and either scoring lay ups or UND fouling. Same thing happened in Grand Forks. I would like us to play at least some zone against them, especially when Leet is in the game.
  8. Jaclyn Jarnot and Julia Fleecs both showed some offensive skills tonite which we desperately need to help Klabo and Morton.
  9. I agree that Hazekamp should get more playing time. Bijiek runs the court well and has long arms but is ineffective in a half court game. He would be good on a team that presses 40 minutes a game but not many teams do that. We probably should have used him the last couple minutes in a full court press. He played only 2 minutes today so the coaches are realizing he isn't ready for this level of competition. He needs to gain 30-40 pounds.
  10. Idaho played a decent zone which limited the shots by Avants and Seales. We didn't shoot the 3 or free throws very well. The middle of the zone was open at times but we would turn it over with the pass instead of taking the shot. Idaho had a bunch of layups in the second half as our defense went south. We need a bunch of our players to hit the weights. Walter looks the same as his freshmen year.
  11. USD gets outscored 12-0 to end the game and lose to Baylor 63-57. We aren't the only team blowing late leads.
  12. Out rebounded 38-26 and hit only 11-18 free throws. We wasted a 13-28 3 point shooting nite.
  13. We had 21 turnovers and 18 field goals. I found it interesting that Klabo mentioned the team needs to practice harder. That is on the coaches.
  14. I like what I gave seen from Hazekamp. He didn't shoot well last game but I really like his rebounding ability. He crashes the boards well for a 6-6 player. He had a high average of rebounds his senior season in Iowa.
  15. We wasted a good shooting day from Klabo and Morton.
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