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Game Day @ Da Birds 7pm


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6 minutes ago, 90siouxfan said:

Umm...   what is this story?

Down 45-23 with SUU gets the ball with 49 seconds left and proceed to run their hurry-up offense. Complete bush-league. To make things worse, on the last play of the game Garrett Kovach, being the piece of !@#$ that he is, blindside ear holes Connor OBrien right in front of our bench and proceeds to stare them down and beat his chest as Connor is crumpled on the turf holding his head. Bubba went running on to the field after Kovach and was absolutely irate. Due to this hit, OBrien had to retire and miss his senior season. 

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2 hours ago, geaux_sioux said:

We need that EWU pelt before we leave the Big Sky. 

Exactly.  Even though we aren't officially in the Big Sky going forward, I'm hoping we can win an "Unofficial" Big Sky championship and take down both Montana and EWU in the same year.  I'm already looking forward to playing Montana in our house next year, with hopefully a healthy team.

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2 minutes ago, UNDColorado said:

Last week  drank German beer and we got a positive result so tonight I will do my part and stick with the German brews. Go F'n Hawks!

I’ve got some St Polly Girl in the fridge but I’ve still got the post hypnosis office space attitude when I watch.



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9 minutes ago, SiouxFan100 said:

I agree with the taunting being obnoxious . If you are out there you play till the buzzer. If no one gets hurt nobody would complain much 

That hit was cheap no way around it. Complete bull$%!#. OBrien was in position to make a tackle if the wr broke one and gets ear holed by a guy who took a run at him from 15 yards away. The intent was obvious.

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