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I liked Boesser sliding across the blue line so the play would stay on sides

Also, overlooked on the Boeser goal was that Schmaltz stayed aware of the play when it broke apart just outside the blue line.  Schmaltz quickly held up while Boeser was gaining possession and crossing the blue line so he didn't go offside.

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2 very solid games to get the sweep. The CBS line was fantastic again but can really start to see other lines starting to get more comfortable with each other and creating more offensive chances. Poganski was great this weekend and turned his game up a notch like we saw from him last season in the 2nd half. Would prefer to see Gersich in over Sanderson but will admit Sanderson was around the net with some chances tonight but it just seems like he never finishes on any.

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Without question

Best regular season series I've seen.  Completely dominated. 

Exactly.  Elite talent on display in the O zone, but much much more.  Great back checking by all forwards, shutdown D, and goose egg in goal. 

Chicago takes defensive responsibility very seriously, and you can tell Schmaltz is focusing on that. 

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Really great series by the guys on home ice.  Impressive display, really.  By old school WCHA playoff rules, we just won a 2 game, total goal series against DU 9-1.  That's impressive.


Cam is POG.

POGs has to be runner up.   :-)


Bring on Duluth!  Pucker up Kaskisuo! 



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While we are pouring praise on this team, another thing I like about them is their ability to keep cool heads.  LJ sometimes takes bad penalties, but we don't have guys you know are going to get the gate once or twice a game by being boneheads.  I know guys like Prpich were big crowd favorites, but I really like the culture of this team.   

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