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SDSU was winning and advancing in the WNIT DURING their transition.   I hate that excuse. 

Considering UND had a 65-61 victory over USD and held the Summit League's leading scoring without a field goal last November, I guess we're good?

It has been so long since they have fielded a competetive women's team that they don't even recognize quality basketball anymore. Kind of sad really given the tradition of their program. I think the

Game attendance has nothing to do with acting like a drunken fool on a message board and apparently in person as well. The fact that some people cannot attend every game, for whatever reason, does not mean that they are less supportive of the team than you. 


Hopefully you do not act like a drunken imbecile spouting this nonsense when in public and hopefully you contain it to this board. Otherwise you are no better than lakesbison and would be a blemish on the fanbase much the same. 

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What a s hole this town

And coming from someone who has lived in GF his whole life.............

If one were to poll "professionals" working in GF if they could have exact same job/pay but work/live in Fargo I think you know what the results would be.

BTW didn't think anyone in the gobc cared for BB? You must be flying solo.

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