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  1. 58-55 7:13 UND. Defense better in 2nd half.
  2. 12-4 15:46 UVU with 5 uncontested threes early.
  3. Less than a few hundred people actually I'm the stands today.
  4. UND will still see Weber's starter. Jenks, the quarterback who went down is actually the backup. He replaced Constantine (starter) who started the game 2 of 7 for 15 yards and 2 interceptions. It is my understanding that these two were 1 & 1A in fall camp.
  5. I don't know what the 5 dimes point spread was, but Massey had JMI winning by 23 with a 95% chance of winning.
  6. Pluto is free. Either click on the game link on undsports.com to view on a computer or download the app on a device (Android, Roku, etc.).
  7. There's always hope. Butler was a 39 point underdog had a zero percent chance of beating Youngstown State: Date Opponent Result PF PA Sat 2018-09-01 Butler 360 (-) 100 % 42 3 Sat Sep 01 2018 11:34:56.10
  8. I'm at a loss how UND Insider currently works since the web site change. When I hit subscribe on the website, it takes me to UND Insider on You Tube. Does this mean that I have to subscribe through You Tube in order to view live events or add/update an UND Insider subscription?
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