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  1. I believe this is correct. Tim mentioned who it was and what he was doing on one of his two appearances on the Sit Down and Cheer.Podcast.
  2. Although Blaze hasn't done much at BYU, he averaged 21 pts, 5 rebounds and 4 assists as a freshman at JUCO Utah State U. Eastern. He has a highlight tape on YouTube for anyone that is interested.
  3. https://www.dailycomet.com/sports/20181117/nicholls-makes-aggressive-bid-to-host-fcs-playoffs-for-second-straight-year
  4. Even worse is that UND currently is 10th and Arizona 13th, despite Arizona's 32 point win over UND.
  5. cpa_guy

    2019 Season

    Yeah, I forgot about that. I got the impression that Idaho State's AD Jeff Tingey was against UND being in the conference. I know for sure that coach Kramer was, as he stated in a couple of interviews that he didn't like UND being in the conference.
  6. cpa_guy

    2019 Season

    It is my belief that computer rankings play a considerably larger part in the selection than most believe. To me, what actually what lost the bid in 2015 is the same thing that can prevent a bid in 2019: the loss to Idaho State. In 2015 UND was hurt considerably in the ratings by being Idaho State’s only division 1 win. Although I’m sure there was immense pressure by the MVFC representative, Western Illinois was able to squeak in because they had a higher computer ranking despite being 6-5 and losing 59-7 with NDSU playing the entire game with a backup quarterback. This year the circumstances are similar. Last week Massey had UND ranked 14th and then dropped them to 18th this week. It wasn’t teams such as Montana State and Eastern Washington jumping UND that brought the dip, it was the loss by Idaho State at home to Northern Colorado preceded by a loss to Southern Utah that brought the sizable drop.
  7. Living in Utah and will be attending my first home game since graduating in the mid 90s (luckily the Big Sky has let me see 30+ road games in all sports over the past number of years). Driving up with my wife and two kids from the Cities this morning. Would like to purchase 4 tickets (around face value) that are not being used that would be better than what would be available at game time. Thank you.
  8. 58-55 7:13 UND. Defense better in 2nd half.
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