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  1. Maybe its just me, but I hate sharing. If I have to share, better to share with only 1 team rather than 2. I really wish they were playing Missouri St this weekend. If lose and miss playoffs and conference championship so be it. Get ready for the fall. Also going into the playoffs without playing for 5 weeks is going to be tough. It was bad enough in 2016 having a double bye week before playing.
  2. Hope not. I wouldn't want those guys on my team.
  3. I really hope this is not the case. This attitude is almost as bad as Youngstown shutting it down for the season. I'd much rather play a win and in game than not play for 5 weeks. If you can't beat Missouri St on the road we shouldn't be in the playoffs anyway. Also winning on the road vs Missouri St would likely give them a seed in the playoffs. IMO
  4. Play at Missouri st. UND was already planing to travel. it would give Missouri st a little extra time to prepare, as i would guess they have not done much this week.
  5. Feel really bad for the team. Put in all that work and their opponent chickens out. Remember this in the fall and run up the score. Total crap
  6. It would be a 2 way tie under my senecio. Missouri st and ndsu would have 2 losses. UND and SDSU with 1 loss. Youngstown really screwed us. If they cancel earlier this Saturday would be open for Missouri st to come here.
  7. That is how it works. Missouri st and ndsu would have 2 loses. SDSU and UND have 1 loss. UND would have tie breaker.
  8. Wish they would. Pretty sure a UND win over Missouri st and SDSU win over NDSU. Would give UND AQ.
  9. This flat out pisses me off. Either you are playing this spring or not. If they were in the running for a playoff spot these teams would not be opting out. Nothing will be done, but this is inexcusable. If you are going to opt out do it much earlier than this. Give UND a chance to get another team on the schedule.
  10. Big Green


    Every game he won until the Conference Championship was won mattered. Every game he won in Conference Tourney mattered. Frozen Four appearances matter very little if you don't finish the job. NCAA championship>Conference Reg Season Championships>Conf. Tourney Champs>Frozen Four App
  11. Big Green


    I've heard this before. I don't agree that that is is harder to win the Regular Season title as 6 teams do it every years. What i believe without is if there are 2 team from the same conference 1 wins the NCAA title and that other the Conference title the better team is the Conference title champion. You need to be good all year to do that. To me UND is still the best team in the country this year. Best team in the best conference.
  12. Me too. I haven't heard though are we cleared to play and practice?
  13. They didn’t shut things down for 1 Neg test.
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