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  1. Big Green

    2019 Season

    What happened to Fraase?
  2. If I remember right UND was losing by 10+ pts late in the game and it looked like another loss before going a nice run to finish the game.
  3. I know for a fact that he is registered at Central. So I don't think this is true.
  4. Big Green

    Shaw's gone.

    Yes, SCSU, U of Minn and UMD all seem to convert on a high percent regardless of personal. UND has looked lost of the PP for a long time.
  5. Big Green

    Shaw's gone.

    15-16 finished 4th in the NCHC on the power play. A team with future NHLers should be way better than middle of the pack in their conference. The PP problem goes back way before Shaw. Only time the PP is decent is when they have high end talent, not because of the system. Some teams produce on the PP even with average talent.
  6. Nope. Logo was not in place until after the Natty was won.
  7. Your right forcing the fighting hawks name is working so well
  8. Don't thing anyone can get the Sioux Nickname back. I also don't think it should come back. That ship has sailed. However, I do believe retiring the Fighting Hawk name and logo is in the best interest of the university. It has and been embraced and is and the main cause of the division among the fan base. Go back to just being THE University of North Dakota and the interlocking ND. Maybe down the road one day another nickname can be agreed upon, but now is the the time.
  9. Big Green

    Shaw's gone.

    My feeling smaby was brought in to replaces Shaw. Jackson would coach forwards and smaby defense. Guess we see.
  10. Crazy to think 6th place CC was closer to 2nd place Duluth than Duluth was to 1st place St. Cloud.
  11. I think I have to root for duluth. Duluth>east coast arrogance>Denver hope duluth wining 2 in a row is salt in Berrys wounds and the kick in the butt he needs to turn it around
  12. Maybe not a break, but 2 years in a year they would have had home crowd advantage if they would have got into tourney.
  13. Wisconsin was 1 seed that year. St. Cloud is by far best team this year up until now.
  14. In playoffs. Yes no doubt in my mind
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