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  1. I don't think so. You would just have people moving seats. Plenty of good seats available if people want to go. I was on the 40 yard line east side. Plenty of open seats all around. Maybe they were sold, if you don't like your seat, more to one you like more. I do it all the time and have never had a problem.
  2. No point in moving the Students until the General Public starts showing up.
  3. 2 free tickets to today's football game. Message me if interested
  4. Personally i'm sick of bribing students to come to game and stay at games. Either they want to be there or they don't. They already get discounted or free tickets to all events. Either come to the games or the university will sell the sit to someone who wants to be there. This is separate from trying to make the game experience better. I'm all for making the Ralph, Alerus, and Betty a more fun place to be, am just tired of the free pizza, bubba bucks and Nodak rewards.
  5. A lot of season left. This one hurts , but in the end it is only lose. Win or lose today we have to put this one behind us there is a lot left to be accomplished. I think most on here knew we were in trouble with our defensive line it showed today. Need to learn from today and move on. Still pissed about flag being picked up, next play INT. Unlikely that ball is forced like that if 1st and 10 at midfield. Game was basically over from there. Lots of misssd holding calls.
  6. Defense need to give up less than 10 and Offense needs to score more than 30. No mistakes on Special Teams. Anything other than that would be a disappointment. I predict 35-6.
  7. Stolen from Aaron Rodgers. Beer prices drop the louder the crowd gets when we are on defense
  8. Big Green

    2019 Season

    What happened to Fraase?
  9. If I remember right UND was losing by 10+ pts late in the game and it looked like another loss before going a nice run to finish the game.
  10. I know for a fact that he is registered at Central. So I don't think this is true.
  11. Big Green

    Shaw's gone.

    Yes, SCSU, U of Minn and UMD all seem to convert on a high percent regardless of personal. UND has looked lost of the PP for a long time.
  12. Big Green

    Shaw's gone.

    15-16 finished 4th in the NCHC on the power play. A team with future NHLers should be way better than middle of the pack in their conference. The PP problem goes back way before Shaw. Only time the PP is decent is when they have high end talent, not because of the system. Some teams produce on the PP even with average talent.
  13. Nope. Logo was not in place until after the Natty was won.
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