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  1. The NCHC should not be looking to add any teams unless they have a team or teams drop out. 8 is the Max number that should be in the conference. Still don't like that we only host 6 of the 7 teams each year and only go to 6 of the 7 teams each year. Unbalanced schedules suck. No interest what so ever in St Thomas. Accomplish something at D1 and get back to me.
  2. IMO it comes down to getting enough money to support the other Athletic programs at UND. Most other D1 programs do this with their Football program. At UND we need to do this with our Hockey Program. If they get a Butt load of money and assurance they will not get kicked out once Illinois joins I say go for it. Otherwise stay in the NCHC. Personally I would be shocked if they would offer a bunch of money to join as the Big Ten is too argent and could care less about hockey.
  3. Pretty sure its because they are responsible for the death of a child.
  4. One of my Favorite Regular Season Wins was at UMD in January of 1999. Down by 1 and scoring 2 goals in the last 6 seconds for the win. Winning on the Road is the Best and listens to the UMD fans around us thinking the game was over and the misery on their face after was wonderful.
  5. As much as I want #9. This would make me puke if it was won this way.
  6. I always feel bad for the assistants when the Head Coach gets fired. Most the the time they are without a job also and have no buy out and didn't make nearly as much as the Head Coach.
  7. Big Green

    Bubba extension

    How many years did he have left? He was a good step in the right direction, but seems like we need someone different to take the next step.
  8. Why not UMass in Worcester? That would be my preference.
  9. Brewster needs to go. Losing 3 of 4 to a bad NDSU team is not acceptable. Time for a change, he has lost the team.
  10. Big Green


    IMO The top 3 could be interchangeable. All 3 are very good teams. As soft as Cornel's schedule is you don't only lose 2 games if you are not a very good team.
  11. Western Michigan might have something to say about that. W. Michigan might be 3 seed
  12. Too Many True Freshman playing right now. I like the Freshman class they just should not be playing as much as they are right now. Give these ladies a couple years and I think they can compete for a Summit championship. The Team is really missing Melissa Leet and i think that is why they are playing so reckless. If they let the opponent get set up they get killed in the paint. Right now no team in the Summit is able to play with USD not ever SDSU. They seem to be the best Women's Basketball team since any of the Dakota schools have joined the Summit. It will be interesting to see how they do in the NCAA tournament.
  13. 1. Minnesota 2. Denver 3. Boston College 4. Big Ten 5. Hockey East
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