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  1. Big Green

    ISU @ UND Predictions

    28-3 UND Defense with 1 score.
  2. Big Green

    UND @ SHSU predictions

    Und 35-31 Stantiago with 2 long runs over 50 yards and Defense with 3 picks, 1 of them a pick six..
  3. Big Green

    Huskies Game & Negativity

    My only hope is that the players and coaching staff is preparing with the plan to go there and bring home the W. Too many times the team is defeated before they get off the bus. I'm sure Washington will be over looking us to some extent. As a fan I want to see them play hard tell the end and put a scare in them. I want the their fans to be disappointed at the end of the game. They will not play a better team or in a louder stadium than this weekend., both in regular season and hopefully playoffs. Need to use to our advantage starting next week.
  4. Big Green


    So I'm assuming when they preview the NDSU game vs Cal-Poly they will show a pic from a previous year of UND v. Cal-Poly. This game should be all about UND not who MVSU has played in the past. The Herald just pisses me off.
  5. Big Green

    Starting QB

    I'd be shocked if it was anyone other than Ketteingham. Hope they announce the starter very soon. The old saying "if you have 2 QBs than you have none. What about when you have 3 QBs. They need to settle on 1 guy and have him taking the 1st team reps.
  6. Big Green

    UND Soccer 2018

    Any idea why they are not playing their games at memorial stadium. Seems to make more sense than in EGF?
  7. Big Green

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Problem with the NHL is you get 2 pts for both a Regulation win and shoot out win. Some are 3 pt games and some are 2 pt games. Standing would look much different if they were to get 3 pts for a regulation win and 2 pts for shootout/3x3 win. I think NHL does it the right way with exception of the point system. If it were me at the end of 60 minutes you are tied each team gets 1 point them fight for the 3rd point in 3x3 and shoot out. it has been proven that 3x3 and shoot out does affect the end of the year standing much in the NCHC. It is fun to watch.
  8. Big Green

    Major move away from physical tickets to digital

    Sorry don't know what this means
  9. Big Green

    Major move away from physical tickets to digital

    Love digital tickets, but there will be a major push back from a lot of old timers if the Ralph goes to this.
  10. Big Green

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Couldn't agree more.
  11. Big Green

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    IMO the NCHC had it right. Rarely did it affect the end of the year standings. I thought it was good entertainment to see a 3x3 or shootout. I always hated leaving the game after a tie, seemed like a waste of time. NHL uses 3x3 and shootout, if it is good enough for the top league in the world it should be good enough for college hockey. Interesting no one on the committee is from leagues that use the 3x3 or shoot out.
  12. Big Green

    2018 Season

    Bubba is wearing a head set. Buck stops with him. He can over rule any coach at anytime and he hired these guys.. Overall I like what Bubba has done, but can't let him off the hook for any issues with Football team.
  13. Big Green

    2018 Season

    Top of the Hill for Hockey and Football are National Championships. With BB and VB the most they are going to achieve are conference championships,. I think that is the difference. I don't think Hockey should be receiving Conference Championship rings, and I not sure Football should either. Do other FCS Teams give out Rings for Conference championships? More expensive for FB to give out rings that the others 4 combined based on number of players on the teams.
  14. Big Green

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Just goes to show there is no such thing as a free Gift. There is always strings attached. I think Kennedy is correct in most if not all that he is saying, but he needs to learn to play nice as other donors are watching and most uninformed are going to take the side of the Engelstads after all that they have given to UND. 1. F'n Hawks logo should be at center court at the Betty. Seems most VB, MBB & WBB Fans have all embraced the new name and logo. 2. Leave just North Dakota at the Ralph. No need to piss Hockey fans off at this point.
  15. Big Green

    2018 Season

    Maybe, but article says all 5 home game are broadcast on Midco. Pretty sure it is because Hockey is in town that weekend.