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  1. I don't agree with this. He continued to make excuses. He screwed up and his explanation was crap. He said we was trying to get Folino a hat trick. You play to win the game and to help the team, not for individual teammates. I have always liked and defended Parise because no one works as hard as he does, but he screwed up and would not admit it. Hopefully the message was received and both the Wild and Parise move on and continue what has been a good season so far.
  2. Hell No. That is the one thing that would make me stop watching the Vikings. I can't root for a former NDSU QB. Nope Never.
  3. Don't like this. They Forced 7 turnovers. We need to take care of the ball. They went on the road and beat a very good ISU team, doesn't matter how they got it done. All the matters is they won. Need to get going right away and play a complete game.
  4. Should be but I’ll believe it went I see it.
  5. So did they kneel before then all stand once the anthem started ?
  6. Yeah, I should have read closer. I went back and read it. That makes more sense.
  7. Did these guys even watch the UND game? Not sure we rely on the trick play, I only remember 1 trick play and it failed. Also don't remember a single pass the had a realistic chance to be intercepted.
  8. Too big of a jump. I just hope the players heads don't get too big. They still have a lot to prove. Seen too many times over the years that we pick up what seems to be a huge win and it turns out the opponent was not as good as thought. Go out and beat SDSU this weekend and prove last week was not a fluke.
  9. When was the last time before yesterday that football home attendance was greater than hockey home attendance? I was pleasantly surprised as many fans turned out for football after seeing the struggles hockey has had.
  10. Rooting for Denver’s season to end. Unless Duluth slips next couple weeks they make NCAA tournament win or lose
  11. All of this, plus that fact you are going to need to wear a mask.
  12. Anyone have a Link for tonight's Game?
  13. If you’re a QB you better be a leader. Good point about all being freshman.
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