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  1. I ask as you say quit testing healthy skaters. While if they are sick they are not healthy. If the problem is a couple sick and the rest is because contract tracing than this is all BS.
  2. Are they healthy with no Symptoms?
  3. Can we hang a banner for this? We were probably the best team in 2020. Cornell would have something to say about that. According the the people doing the polls we were not. An no he has not build a championship team. He had a championship team handed to him. Unless we are talking Conference championships (who cares)
  4. Totally agree. That is way i put in my opinion. Fact. Since the 2016 National Championship Bubba and Berry have the same amount of NCAA Tourney Wins. Yes I know Hockey had the Covid year and have not yet finished this year. Berry has a lot more resources available to him and has failed IMO.
  5. With one NCAA win since the National Championship. IMO if he doesn't make it to the frozen four this year I think he needs to go. Too bad for him that 2020 was canceled, as we had a very good team and were probably the favorites for a national championship. Even after getting swept this last weekend we are still in first place in the toughest conference. They need to win our conference games and the pairwise will take care of itself.
  6. I guess most of the people I know that are not vaccinated have been tested. Personally speaking I'm not vaccinated and I've been tested about 6 times. IMO the biggest problem now are the vaccinated no longer getting tested. In my life I've seen more vaccinated people with symptoms not getting test because they are vaccinated than i've seen Non-Vaccinated people not getting tested.
  7. Couldn't agree more. The Vaccinated should be testing much more that the Unvacinated as they are much more likely to be positive and not know it.
  8. He may or may not owe the fan base anything. Without fans there would not be a UND Hockey team. Obviously we would be playing somewhere else if not for UND. (possibly in the NHL by now.) But sure he doesn't owe the fan anything. He did agree to play hockey for UND this year and accepted a scholarship to do so. He also owes his teammates to be here. He is good enough that he will be given many more chances to play in the Olympics. Also don't like the idea the Covid is enough of a scare that the NHL is not sending there players, however we will send College players.
  9. IMO World Junior are one thing and the Olympics are another. I have no problem allowing players to leave for world juniors, but they should not be allowed to leave for the Olympics. Typically they only miss 1 non-conference series leaving for World Juniors. The month they are gone for Olympics is prime Conference time. Also if the NHL is concerned about Covid shouldn't UND be concerned about sending their player or players over to china.
  10. If the other team leaves happy it is not a good weekend. Would think Duluth would be happy splitting the 6 pts. Need at least 5 of the 6 pts at home to make it a good weekend.
  11. Because it is hockey and upsets happen. One non-conference game. Don’t know why everyone is so worked up about it.
  12. Big Green


    Looked pretty close in the line i was in.
  13. To me biggest difference between spring and fall is home vs away schedule. Got S. Illinois, Missouri st, SDSU, usd at home. this coaching staff can’t win road games. Ndsu is better this fall than spring and we could have won that game because it was at home.
  14. We need to beat the Bison. We can't beat them unless we play them. Bottom line I would prefer to get sent to Fargo. Obviously it wouldn't happen in first round, but sure why not play them in the 2nd round.
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