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    Every game he won until the Conference Championship was won mattered. Every game he won in Conference Tourney mattered. Frozen Four appearances matter very little if you don't finish the job. NCAA championship>Conference Reg Season Championships>Conf. Tourney Champs>Frozen Four App
  2. Big Green


    I've heard this before. I don't agree that that is is harder to win the Regular Season title as 6 teams do it every years. What i believe without is if there are 2 team from the same conference 1 wins the NCAA title and that other the Conference title the better team is the Conference title champion. You need to be good all year to do that. To me UND is still the best team in the country this year. Best team in the best conference.
  3. Me too. I haven't heard though are we cleared to play and practice?
  4. They didn’t shut things down for 1 Neg test.
  5. SDSU would still need to lose to USD for us to get the Autobid. SDSU would have one more win than UND. Pretty sure we still get in with only 1 loss.
  6. Big Green


    This year is not really a good example as teams played in the POD, UND hosted the NCHC tourney and unbalanced schedule. I would call Omaha a mediocre team this year. If they would have got hot for 2 weekend they would be national champs. Just my option you should have to win something to get into the National Tourney. Maybe its talking out of both sides of my mouth, but if in post season time you keep winning then our keep playing. Also this years NCHC tourney was a bad example as it was single elimination with UND being the only team with Home ice advantage. In other years the l
  7. Big Green


    I've always been of the mindset you shouldn't even have the chance to play for the national championship if you did't win the Regular or Post Season Title. How can you be a national champion if you are not even the best team in your conference. I've always hated at large or wild card teams. A team has a mediocre season and plays lights out for 2 weekend of a whole season and we are supposed to anoint them national champions. Makes not sense.
  8. I would have a big problem with letting a team back in that already lost. They have already established that a team can advance because the other team has Covid issues. Stop the testing and play the games.
  9. 1. SCSU. Another Title for the greatest Conference and they have never won one before. After Motzko left for greener pastures it would be nice for them to finally win one. 2. Mankato. They have been good for a while now. Still have a soft spot for the WCHA. Have always liked Mankato even though I've been told UND is the team they hate the most I still can't root against them. 3. Duluth. Hold my nose. 5th straight title for NCHC, why not? They seems to figure it out tourney time. Can't really call them lucky anymore. 4. UMASS. No Love for any time from Hockey East.
  10. Looks good to me. Hit with stick before it went in
  11. Sure hope UAH gets in. The have a rich history. (Mostly at D2). Not good for D1 Hockey if team need to fold. They would fit in nicely in Atlantic Hockey
  12. so 4 teams that were supposed to play Illinois st are UND SDSU Missouri st and SIU USD is supposed to host uni april 2nd, they could host SIU instead as they are not scheduled to play this year. UNI gets bye week und and uni play April 17. UND gets bye April 10th Missouri st and SDSU play April 17. As they were not scheduled to play this year. all teams get their 8 games and don’t play any teams twice.
  13. We would be playing them back to game games 2 weeks apart
  14. maybe UNI apr 17th. Not sure UNI would want 9th game. And UND wouldn’t get week rest before possible playoffs
  15. Fargo 1-UND,2-Boston U, 3-MN Duluth,4-St Lawrence Loveland 1-Minn st, 2-Wisconsin 3-Lake Superior 4-Omaho Bridgeport 1-Boston college 2-St cloud,3-Michigan,4-Bowling Green Albany 1-Minn 2-Quinnipiac,3-U Mass,4-AIC
  16. You add nothing to this forum. You need to go away. You act like you don’t care until game is over. You are a loser.
  17. Last WCHA league game tonight. Kind of sad. Great history
  18. Bottom line we got our ass kicked. Time to turn the page and finish season strong. Just 1 game. Was only a few weeks ago the Bison got their ass kicked by a team we destroyed. Still think SDSU is best team in mvfc. We will see how they do in Fargo. Could very will host the bison at home if we win out and they lose to SDSU.
  19. What is MVFC TV? and how do you get it?
  20. For me, if the outcome is in doubt in the 4th quarter it will feel like a loss.
  21. #1 in both Hockey and Football. Should be a fun Spring.
  22. I don't agree with this. He continued to make excuses. He screwed up and his explanation was crap. He said we was trying to get Folino a hat trick. You play to win the game and to help the team, not for individual teammates. I have always liked and defended Parise because no one works as hard as he does, but he screwed up and would not admit it. Hopefully the message was received and both the Wild and Parise move on and continue what has been a good season so far.
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