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Wrote by a Rube in Dixie.

383. Message to the Fighting Sux

by UNAFan05, 11/30/03 16:18 ET

Please stay off our website. Here's an idea--why don't you spend that time doing something else like 1. making your cute little stadium squeaky clean to host the number ONE team in the nation 2. buying ankle braces for your defense when will hall, d-blount, and randy vickers break their ankles 3. digging a huge ditch that runs right through the middle of campus to hold the river that you're all gonna cry Saturday afternoon

Do you really think a defense (ie. yours) that allows 20 points per game has any chance of winning a national championship?!?!?! HA! If you want to see a real defense, tune in to ESPN on December 13th and watch UNA hold some weak team to single digit points.

For your own sake, I pray that you lose now so you won't have to come to Florence on the 13th and get embarrassed by Grand Valley. It must be pretty sad going to a school that plays second fiddle to North Dakota State. Remember them? Your arch-rivals? Yeah, THEY are the DII powerhouse (5 national championships, 30 playoff wins, etc.). You will always be second place to them.They will probably enjoy watching us destroy you as much as we will.

I'm so sorry that our players have to travel so far to embarrass you on your own turf.

This Saturday will be kind of like the UND vs. Mesa State game. You haven't forgotten that game have you? You may recall that poor Mesa St. got DESTROYED in the first round of the playoffs. THEY ARE AWFUL! Also, go to www.una.edu and check out our record. You might notice something: 0 LOSSES! That's right! We haven't lost like you! We actually deserve to be in the playoffs and (get ready for this) host the semi-final game.

HOWEVER, I'm glad the NCAA is letting you host the game. They must be UNA fans becaue they know how bad it is going to be. They would hate to see all those UNA students waste $3 on a ticket to a game that will be over after the first quarter. What a bore! They would much rather have all 13,000 UND fans suffer through that one. Really, why is a school with 13,000 students still playing in DII. Are you scared of division I?

You don't have tradition. You don't have a defense. You don't have a chance on Saturday. So keep dreaming and better luck next year... UNA 55 UND 3

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apparently this moron never has heard of hockey:

379.5. North Dakota

by snuffy007, 11/30/03 15:36 ET

Re: C'mon LIONS!! Welcome to the Alerus Center!!! by SiouxYOU, 11/30/03

I looked at ND webpage. $300 million budget compared to UNA's approximately $40 million. ND reports 13,000 students, UNA has 5,600. I guess if Alabama and Auburn were in Division II, they would beat up on eveyone too. Wonder why a school like ND is still in Div. II?;) They still have difficulty competing with schools less than half of their enrollment.

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Pretty typical smack from someone who doesn't have anything to say about the actual topic -- football. Loud-mouthed jerk fans, every school has 'em. Don't draw them over here or I'll have to hurt you ;)

I do have to give him that his one football comment was on the money. The Sioux D is going to have to have a good game for UND to compete. Reading UNA's game recaps, they've had some big come-from-behind wins themselves, are quick to capitalize on opponents' miscues, and have had some big games decided by the margin of special teams/defensive scoring.

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Just send them this list:

Michigan State, Denver, Northern Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Boston University, Boston College

and this image:


and tell them we do pick on Division I teams also.

PS - I wonder if they can match up a list of seven to seven banners, or if seven is an alien concept because it's more than the digits on one hand. Then again, it is Alabama and who knows how many digits they may have per hand.

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I came over to this board to read about North Dakota football, but all I can find out about is how stupid, ignorant, toothless and how much UNA cheats. Why do you feel that it is necessary to constantly run down the opponent? Do you run us down, so you will feel better about your own team?

Hey Goon, we have heard of hockey, but since we live in beautiful warm Alabama we can go out and do something more constructive instead of playing in the snow and ice.

One last point before I go. You had better treat the UNA fans with respect, because there will be a lot more of us in the stands on December 13th at the National Championship game than North Dakota will be able to bring if they beat UNA on Saturday. We would be happy to pull for your opponent if you make it to the championship game.

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I came over to this board to read about North Dakota football, but all I can find out about is how stupid, ignorant, toothless and how much UNA cheats. Why do you feel that it is necessary to constantly run down the opponent? Do you run us down, so you will feel better about your own team?

What did you expect? Roses, effusive expressions of awe and begging for mercy on our part? Most of us deal with fans of other hockey schools, and this crap is pretty light, compared to those wars.

Or are you just that wimpy? ???;)

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Ashamed to say UNAGRAD is right on the money here. Even the original posts quoted by Goon were at least limited to football. The responding stereotypical attacks were pretty lame and for the most part off the mark. Let's leave the personal cheap shots to God's Gift to IAA.

I have to admit that prior to 2001 I wasn't too fond of UNA. The 1994 semifinal was an ugly game and that team ran so much smack it was unbelievable. But UND's trip down for the 2001 championship proved a chance to rehab that image. The folks down there love DII football and the hospitality was great. I would like to think we can return the favor for their trip up here. Perhaps we can all fly on one flight back to Florence after Saturday's game. ;)

North Dakota Fighting Sioux - The only ndsu opponent still playing football in 2003

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Don't know if you're aware of this but Alabama-Huntsville plays Div. I hockey.

Hunstville isn't that the team that the UofM Gophers used to pad their stats and then tried to claim that they were a better team than Canisus and Brown, I am tracking you.

To touch on what the original post claimed if UND wouldn't have fumbled and turned the ball over 5+ times in the Mesa State game this discussion might have been mute.

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