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  1. Let's cheer them past BU, and hope Omaha gets by Providence. I will be perfectly happy watching our favorite team blow a 2 goal lead, and then win in OT...
  2. Did BC beat Duluth? I was hoping they would lose...
  3. I think the Gopher fans should be most happy about the firing of John Hill, as that is what prompted Gentzel's return to their program...
  4. Again, I am going to put in my 2 cents worth. I think our coaching staff is great, and I firmly believe they will win the big one eventually. But I am going to have to agree with the person who was talking about "game planning". There might be something to that, and I feel this way only because for the 10-12 days leading up to the Frozen Four, everything was "business as usual" in the Sioux camp. Someone already stated that you don't want to throw your strategy/plans out into the media for just anyone to know about, I would agree. But why is it that we never seem to be ready for what the other team throws at us? Is it just dumb luck on their part, bad luck on our team? If that is the case, I hope the luck meter swings our way soon!
  5. After almost a week to give myself time to look back and get over my disappointment, I feel the coaches did everything the right way. The only thing that was done wrong IMO was the extra week before the Frozen Four started. I hate that dead time, and here is why. For most of those days, all I was reading about was how the Sioux were the favorites, how this team was peaking at the right time, and how they all were agreeing to not touch a trophy until it was "the big one". Then, just last week, for the 3 days prior to Thursday's games, I was seeing how Michigan was loving the "underdog" role. As soon as I read about that, I got nervous. Since I started following Sioux hockey in the mid nineties, I have come to learn one thing. The Sioux DO NOT win when they are the appointed "favored" team. They won 2 titles playing the underdog role, being the team that everyone else thought couldn't win it. That's just my 2 cents worth. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of a team we have next year, and hoping that all of the underclassmen come back for "one more kick at the can"! GO SIOUX!!!
  6. Forget the Irish! This is Fighting Sioux Territory!!. or just This is Sioux's House!!
  7. Not sure how to feel about this... Part of me is happy that the Gophers lost, since I did pick them to lose. But I predicted they would win in OT tonight, and lose the 3rd game tommorrow... It sucks when I either option makes me happy!
  8. Easy there Goon, he's not saying it will happen. And he apparently doesn't want it to happen, he's just saying "it's possible"... Deep breath, save it for cheering on the Sioux!!
  9. Now, as someone who HAS criticized REA many times in the past, I will agree that if they don't do what is needed to host post season games, they are part of the problem. But, I would also like to ask a question concerning this. Is the rule that the NCAA has worded so that UND cannot host something like the West Regional Hockey Tournament unless the logos are removed, or is it only that those said logos have to be removed from view of TV cameras? I mean, if the logo at center ice was removed, and if the people running the TV cameras are any good, then I could see where an event like that could be held, broadcasted, and still NOT violate NCAA rulings. Especially if the nickname is no longer an issue, and UND just goes by "North Dakota" for the time being. I personally don't see UND having the time or the money it needs to remove all those images from that building. AND, UND doesn't own it, so technically, they can't remove them. They can only politely ask, and REA needs to do what it needs to do to get post season events/tournaments in their building.
  10. That was in 1997, and they found him in a van that was parked for the winter. They were searching in all the snow banks, but they didn't find him for at least a month, he had frozen to death after passing out in a van that he got into for shelter, if I remember the same story you are talking about.
  11. I am at work with no radio or TV access. Please keep the scoring updates coming! Thanks!
  12. If I remember correctly, Jeff didn't even finish with Central High School. I thought he was in Fargo his senior year of high school, playing for the Ice Sharks.
  13. As someone that has very high hopes for this team, I find myself wondering... is Maine that good, did we play that bad, were the refs really that dumb as Hennesey was implying, or was it a combo of all this?
  14. Congrats to Johnny T!!! The only thing you have never won now is an NCAA Championship. Seriously though, we loved having you at UND, and congrats!
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