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  1. This is perhaps the most truthful post I have seen on this board in the last 8 years since I quit posting. I quit posting partially because this board had become so toxic and filled with garbage. And it has only gotten worse since then. Constant arguments between football and hockey fans. Constant arguments about how women's hockey sucks or how women's hockey shouldn't have been dropped. Constant arguments over the nickname. No one can get along at all ever. We all have to hate each other about everything. Our fan base seemingly thrives on hating everything and everyone. What the hell is wrong with us? Why do we insist on fighting with everyone, whether they be a fan of an opposing team or fan of UND? How is that productive or a positive thing? Earlier this week I tweeted my feelings that UND should update the logo on the bottom of the scoreboard to reflect what the University currently uses. I felt this could be a positive step in helping people who are still unhappy about the nickname to eventually accept the new nickname. I thought this would be an excellent chance for UND and REA to lead by example and helping what I feel is a broken fan base to heal. In response I was told to shut up and mind my own business by fellow UND fans, because of course. That's what we UND fans do, we fight with and insult each other. I am a hockey fan first but I want to see all other sports at UND succeed. Sadly with the current climate I don't know if that will ever happen. I want what is best for the University and this constant fighting about everything certainly does not help achieving that.
  2. I'm interested in the tickets. I just texted you.

    1. SiouxForever


      LMK if you still have them

  3. I have two SRO tickets available and am just looking to get my money back on them. DM or text me @ 2182304513, if you are interested. Thanks
  4. It is dumbfucks like MplsBison why this board now sucks and a number of people don't post here anymore. He has sucked the fun out of this place and he's been allowed to do so. I do not understand why he is continually allowed to post here as he purposely and continually acts like a braindead asshole. I do not know of any other place where this constant bullheaded and purposely jerkoff behavior is allowed. Who cares if he's not breaking the rules? When 99% of the posters can't stand a fellow poster, just ban him and make the board fun to be on once again. Isn't that what this place is supposed to ultimately be? Fun? Well it sure as hell hasn't been fun for the past year. So can you please just ban this joke? If not, please just delete my account here, as I don't need to it anymore.
  5. Since I'm almost over my bitterness from last night and have decided they might actually score a goal tonight, I'll make a real pick. Kristo
  6. No one. UND gets shut out again
  7. Friday- Genoway Saturday - Gregoire
  8. You were talking about boring and uncreative things.
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