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  1. Diggler

    2 SRO Tickets - $110/each

    Tickets have been sold.
  2. I'm interested in the tickets. I just texted you.

    1. SiouxForever


      LMK if you still have them

  3. I have two SRO tickets available and am just looking to get my money back on them. DM or text me @ 2182304513, if you are interested. Thanks
  4. Diggler

    Media Stories on the Sioux Name

    It is dumbfucks like MplsBison why this board now sucks and a number of people don't post here anymore. He has sucked the fun out of this place and he's been allowed to do so. I do not understand why he is continually allowed to post here as he purposely and continually acts like a braindead asshole. I do not know of any other place where this constant bullheaded and purposely jerkoff behavior is allowed. Who cares if he's not breaking the rules? When 99% of the posters can't stand a fellow poster, just ban him and make the board fun to be on once again. Isn't that what this place is supposed to ultimately be? Fun? Well it sure as hell hasn't been fun for the past year. So can you please just ban this joke? If not, please just delete my account here, as I don't need to it anymore.
  5. Diggler

    Sioux Survivor

  6. Diggler

    Sioux Survivor

  7. Diggler

    Sioux Survivor

    Since I'm almost over my bitterness from last night and have decided they might actually score a goal tonight, I'll make a real pick. Kristo
  8. Diggler

    Sioux Survivor

    No one. UND gets shut out again
  9. Diggler

    Sioux Survivor

  10. Diggler

    Sioux Survivor

  11. Diggler

    Sioux Survivor

  12. Diggler

    Sioux Survivor

  13. Diggler

    Sioux Survivor

    Friday- Genoway Saturday - Gregoire
  14. Diggler

    crowd chant

    You were talking about boring and uncreative things.
  15. Diggler

    crowd chant

    Kind of like M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A, eh?