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  1. What part of "Has never missed the playoffs and is in the Frozen Four more often than not" is difficult to understand? If a pro coach made the playoffs every year (which, is easier), and the conference finals 5 out of 9 years....they would not be fired...
  2. Thanks for 4 great years from all the seniors!! You will all be missed. Best of luck going forward and represent the Sioux well, always!!
  3. You forgot Bison... While I respectfully disagree with your stance on the nickname, this is probably the best response I've read from the anti-nickname standpoint. If/when the nickname is retired (leaning more towards when, and have been since the settlement was announced) UND should in no way (nor do I think they will) cut funding or programs for Native Americans. They were created to help Natives succeed in life, not because of our nickname. To punish those students because of this would be ridiculous and asinine. So? I believe the logos in the arena can stay if they are a part of the structure (banners included), and we will not be penalized by the NCAA...someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Long live the Fighting Sioux!!!
  4. Poster give away night at The Ralph!!! And yes, I mean the UK schedule posters
  5. Hopefully, he takes advantage of this and uses it to help turn his life around... Good luck Nate!
  6. Good luck to Tom Pohl, hopefully he makes a fast recovery...
  7. Consider yourself lucky, I wouldn't want to school you at your own game, in front of a bunch of Sioux and Gopher fans
  8. I'm going to agree with Slap Shot here...I actually thought that Michigan's 3rd goal was a gift as the last two penalties that were called seemed a little questionable to me... Minny's PP played very well. Michigan's PK didn't suck, they just made 5 mistakes...and the Gophers capitalized...on all 5.
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