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  1. I agree. Although Zach makes everyone around him & the team better, not 1 player does a team make (unless it's a Gretzky or other superstar). I get the impression sometimes that other players ride his coattails & rely on him too much to be the savior. As a reference, I think the team played some of its best cohesive hockey during the WJC when its big guns were gone. JMO..
  2. I'd like to extend a hearty congratulations to a great Bulldog team! You guys found a way/will to win when it mattered most, something the Sioux couldn't accomplish with equal or better talent. Now go & get yourselves #1!
  3. I agree. If Glencross for UAA leaves early, anything's possible for the Sioux.
  4. Sioux with some great pressure & Pios forced to ice it.
  5. Sioux with a couple good chances & Pios ice it.
  6. Dang it..Prpich misses a golden opportunity.
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