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Below is a quote from my USCHO recap of the game. Parise said that he would keep the media informed about the injury. He doesn't want a lot of speculation about it.

Star sophomore center Zach Parise injured his left knee early in the second period and did not return to the game. The extent of the injury is unknown.

After the game, Parise said, "I just went down on it funny and heard a pop. I was going wide on the defenseman. I fell down and my knee pushed in funny. It just went a way it shouldn't have gone. After it happened, I tried to go out for another shift and I couldn't push off too well.

"Well find out Sunday or Monday what's going on," Parise said. "Hopefully, it's nothing really bad. It's a little stiff, a little tight, a little sore. It hurts to walk a little bit. To me, it doesn't feel like anything too severe."

Last season, Parise scored 61 points (26G, 35A) as a freshman and was a Hobey Baker finalist. This past summer, the Stanley Cup champion New Jersey Devils selected him in the first round of the NHL draft.

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There's really nothing constructive in speculating, but my 2 cents is that even if the MCL is fine, there's no way Zach will be playing this weekend, especially considering a bye week comes after the BC series. The tendency is to be overly-cautious in situations like this.

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Just hearing a "pop" is serious enough. The problem may not manifest itself when walking.

For example, before I got orthotics, I could walk fine, but I couldn't run at all. Running uses the leg muscles differently than walking. I'd guess the same goes for skating like they do at the game. Zach could walk, but can he run? skate? It would be serious enough if he couldn't run, but if he can't skate, then it is serious.

My guesstimate is that Zach's not going to play the first game at the very least. I'm sure he won't practice hard if he even takes the ice. It may be wise to just have him sit out the BC series. I know that would raise all our stress levels (higher than it is going to be anyways come game day), but perhaps we should see where we are at without him? If we can pull a win or a tie vs BC without Zach, it will show that the rest of our team is for real and not just the ZP show.

Hmmm Who will take his place? Stafford, Massen, Fylling would be my top three (in that order). Don't count out Lundbohm though.

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After the game, Blais pointed out that two of Bochenski's goals came while he was playing with Lundbohm as the center.

A couple of things that I have noticed after watching UND for two games. Lundbohm has been flying as of late, and looks like he is in really clicking on all cylinders for his last season (when he first got here I can remember some saying he was more talented than his brother. Colby Genoway looks like he is fitting in quite well this season, he has gotten points in each of his games, kind of does remind me a little like Goren. There are lots of pluses on the ice this season. Appears that UND can bring 3 if not 4 solid lines this season...

I remember some saying that UND didn't have very good defensemen as far as getting the puck up the ice. I say that is not a very accurate misinformed statement. UND looks really good cycling the puck from the defensive zone to the offensive zone.

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I think Parise will play this weekend, for one main reason. His quote about if this had happend to him vs BC, he would have kept playing. A strained MCL shouldn't be anything to worry too much about, unlesss it is aggrivated, but I would expect to see him play marginal shifts on friday, and see how that goes to decide about saturday. Good luck Zach, get healthy!

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This one seems pretty simple to me. If the doctor (by "doctor" I mean several really good ones who specialize in hockey-related knee injuries) says he is not risking further injury by playing on it, and he's comfortable playing on it, then let him play. Otherwise take a few weeks off and see how it is for Yale.

You can bet he's itching to get out there against his national team and SSM teammates.

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Wishing Zach a speedy recovery. A strain of the ACL shouldn't be too bad, as long as there was no damage or partial tearing he should be OK.

On another note: Lessard= WCHA Offensive Player of the Week!! ;)

Don't confuse ACL with MCL. Very different ligaments. ACL anything is more severe than MCL anything. In fact, if it was an ACL sprain, I'd say Blais would make ZP sit out this series, if not the Yale series as well. Why? Tear the ACL, and ZP will miss the rest of the season. That's far more costly than 2-4 games.

Sprained MCL? I say he sits Firday. And the results of Friday's game will determine ZP's return date. If we win on Friday, I'd say he should sit out on Saturday and return perhaps against Yale.

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Has there been an official disclosure of his injury? He must've had an MRI read by now. This weekend's series is going to probably end up being very important for NCAA seedings! If Blaiser does scratch him against BC, this just adds to my opinion that Blais is one heck of a hockey coach. He cares more about the health and future career of his player than he does about winning a very big series. I guarantee you that Zach is telling him he can go, but Blais won't let him. Gophers are overrated!!!

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According to Blais at Sioux Boosters today in Fargo---Zach will not play this weekend. :(  ;)

It's better he doesn't play this week than not play the rest of the season.

I would hate to be Yale when Zach comes back to play. That boy is going to be angry! You don't want to play against Zach when he's angry he'll kill you single handedly.

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If Blaiser does scratch him against BC, this just adds to my opinion that Blais is one heck of a hockey coach. He cares more about the health and future career of his player than he does about winning a very big series.

Oh, now, we can't have THIS getting around....


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According to Blais at Sioux Boosters today in Fargo---Zach will not play this weekend. :(;)

The following is a rough recap of DB's statements at today's Fargo Sioux Booster's. Anybody else who attended please feel free to correct any misstatements or add to what I posted. Also, please read PCM's disclaimer on the coaches show thread with regard to the following: (I hope you don't mind, Pat?)

DB said that Parise badly wants to play this weekend, but DB probably won't let him. He also said this is a series that Parise doesn't want to miss, but DB probably won't give him a choice. He then cited the privacy act before saying anymore and asked Roger Thomas to get that straightened out, with a big smile of course. He sounded a bit exasperated that he cannot even discuss an injury with a player's parents.

He said that any of the members BC's first line Eaves, Eaves, Voce are just as good as Parise.

Talked about how UND really isn't a team yet because they still haven't found chemistry due to the early stage of the season and all the new, young players.

He talked about the Concordia game and said it is hard for players to stay in and up during a game like that, but UND managed to do so and had the puck the whole game. He mentioned that the only downside to the whole game was a young defensemen, no names mentioned, who took a too many men penalty toward the end of the game. I couldn't find a box score that listed penalties, but I believe he was talking about Smaby. He described the player as young, Commodore type. DB said he could see the penalty coming and that type of penalty will not be tolerated this year. DB is going to sit down with the player and talk about it to ensure that it doesn't happen again, but if it does that player will be sitting.

He then spoke very highly of both Smaby and Stafford. He seemed to marvel at their level of play when considering they are both seventeen. He said they both have legitimate shots at representing USA at the upcoming World Juniors and that Stafford should be a high draft pick next summer and that both have potential for fairly lucrative NHL contracts down the road.

He talked about how all the young guys are adjusting to life at the college level and how a few thought that just because they were hockey players they could leave class whenever they felt like it. He was notified by teachers of the issue, apologized to the teachers, addressed it with his players and will not allow it to happen anymore.

He said that some people are saying that UND may not have had a goaltending problem last year based on the numbers, but said when you give up four or five goals on 25 shots during a game that goaltending is a problem.

He talked about how they may have found a goalie in Parise and said he played very well against Duluth and made some crucial saves.

He mentioned the Ironman competition and said the team is in phenomenal shape this year. There was talk about how hard it is to run a sub-6:00 minute mile, but that all 35 participants in the competition ran between 5:10 and 5:35 miles! He said that includes the players that were later cut from the team.

DB also said that in the gym each player bench pressed their actual weight a team average of 15 times!!!

He also said that during the competition, 1,000 points is typically the high mark and is usually only achieved by 1 or 2 players each season, but that seventeen players hit that mark this year.

He did reference Herb Brooks and talked about the type of person he was, his friendship and what his loss means to hockey. He said that HB would tell players that if you want to have fun, play in a great program and ready yourself for the NHL that UND was a good choice in hockey programs.

Other than that, I cannot recall if anything else was said. DB spoke for between 10-15 minutes. It was a lighthearted talk with a lot of laughter from the audience. Because of time limitations questions were kept to a minimum.

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