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  1. Greyeagle

    Goodbye to a SiouxSports Friend * Godspeed, sprig

    Coming out of retirement to offer my condolences. I had the pleasure of meeting sprig in person at the 'breath a few years ago and he was an absolute prince. My condolences to his family, friends & fellow UND fans.
  2. Greyeagle

    The 2016 Hoggsbreath SiouxSports.com Brunch

    Holy crap I remember my password! YE and I had a great time...thanks for the invite and hospitality.
  3. Greyeagle

    Favorite Sioux Goalie

    So I'm driving into work this morning and AM1500 (St. Paul) has a story about ice still being on lakes in the Brainard area and how this will affect the MN Governor's fishing opener. In the story the interview the guy who will be Pawlenty's guide and his name is Toby Kvalevog - I'm assuming it's the former UND goalie. Great gig! Anyway, given the guv is a big Gopher puck fan I'm looking forward to some video of jersey tugging and face washing on the boat. Thought it was interesting but not worth starting a thread and stumbled across this thread.
  4. Greyeagle

    One more thing to bash while we are at it...

    I'm a big fan of implosions.
  5. Greyeagle

    One more thing to bash while we are at it...

    Moderating is not fun after a tough loss, it seems potential "leapers" now head directly to a message board. Anyway, fine season for your boys with a tough ending. Losing is never fun.....is it October yet so we can set ourselves up for more?
  6. Greyeagle

    I survived another one

    An absolute must, Mickey's is the greatest.
  7. Greyeagle

    Tom Pohl

    Amen to that, spoken like a true fan of the game and not just a team. I remember being thrilled to hear Bina not only would live a normal life but actually play hockey again (even though the little bleep has killed MN ).
  8. Greyeagle

    College Hockey Playoffs Talk

    I know the feeling, Jameson 12 here.
  9. Greyeagle

    College Hockey Playoffs Talk

    MSU-M was called for too many men in the 2nd OT on Friday night (was not a good call) and scored shorthanded to win game one. MN was called for TMM during the 2nd period of Sunday's game. Both of MN's OT goals were even strength - thank God Shep did not give MN a pp during either OT Saturday or Sunday or MSU would have won the series.
  10. Greyeagle

    14 y/o Sioux Fan diagnosed with leukemia

    A story about Nick just appeared on FSN's Hockey Day in MN and mentioned the sat dish and other wonderful thingd you guys did for the family. Congrats to you guys who made that possible.
  11. Greyeagle

    UND Recruits - 2007-08 Updates

    Harvard, I believe. Silly FSN and their Harvard bias. Anders Lee has not, he has D1 football talent too.
  12. Greyeagle


    Rumor during last night's Gopher football game was Hak would join MN's staff as an assistant to Lucia. We had to do something to keep us busy during the game so why not start rumors?
  13. Greyeagle

    Oshie Worshiped

    Is that you in the white tux? The dude with the mullet?
  14. I think the Sioux held at least a 2-1 advantage in face-offs.....that's a lot of time chasing the puck & playing defense and one of the reasons the Sioux had fresher legs in OT. What's the story on VanDeVelde? I didn't hear his name much until this past weekend (granted I don't follow that closely) but IMHO he was right up there with the DOT boys as being a scoring threat. Was this typical of his play or did he step up his play level?
  15. I was thinking the same thing....that would have been a horrible way for the game to end. One of the things that has always impressed me by the Sioux is how the charge the net and create traffic & havoc in front of the net. That picture summarizes it perfectly. MN does this in spurts but still to often looks for the perfect shot......which a college player is lucky to get once a weekend during the regular season and has almost no chance of getting during a playoff game.