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  1. I'm a pessimist but I think that Kristo goes. They say Aaron Dell is likely to sign too, but that seems to have stalled. I think Kristo goes and Dell does too. After that, no one bolts.
  2. I forgot to fill out my bracket (I would have lost bigtime anyways) but... Anyone else surprised at how poorly Miami played in the NCAAs? I maintain Miami peaked last year and now starts the decline as both Knapp and Reichard graduated. Or how well Ferris State played? I gave Union absolutely no respect but they proved me wrong this year. We'll see about next year. It's still hard for me to respect the EZAC due to their soft schedules, late start times, and a few organizations (Dartmoth's handling of the UND series and everything about Shafer, his attitude, and how Cornell plays the
  3. I heard rumblings at the time but there was nothing that was solid. But yeah, the fans were vicious to Brian.
  4. I'm not sure I am interpretting your question correctly so I will guess at the two possibilities I dreamed up: Interpretation #1: The NCAA does not care what the facilities of its member institutions physically look like. The answer to this would be yes, they do. To go with their mandate regarding hostile and abusive logos, mascots, and nicknames this would also include the venues in which those member institutions play. Interpretation #2: This is a sarcastic rhetorical question to which the response is: As a liberal and status conscious organization held hostage by the PC crowd
  5. This is pretty much it. I'll add this too: He's over 6'1 and a Dman. He should deliver crushing hits like MacWilliam, Greene, Blood, Commodore, etc. To many Sioux fans, what Lee's game was (a puck moving offensive styled defenseman) was irrelevent. Couple that with the fact that he was a top 10 draft pick and it was basically assumed that he'd be superhuman. He was railed upon CONSTANTLY and far more, in my opinion, viciously than any defenseman I can remember including Finley. It's funny to see that he was 2nd on the team in offense (at least among defensemen) and yet he was viewed
  6. Good question. I have no idea.
  7. A coaching change is ALWAYS a big deal. It could hurt the team (for example, in the NFL, Weis leaves for Florida and the KC Chiefs tank the following year), it could greatly benefit the team (example: This year's Minnesota Gopher hockey team. Essentally the same team as last year just with Guentzel's system and they go to the Frozen Four), or it could basically stay close to the same (Hakstol). If Eades does go, though, it will be very interesting to see what happens. Eades gets head coach at Mankato... it would not surprise me to see Steve Johnson named Associate under him. Or Stev
  8. SIouxForever - To answer your question: Saunders will be the tallest goaltender in Fighting Sioux history. the next tallest was Grieco and I beleive Kvalevog who were both 6'1. At one time UND was recruiting Northeastern goaltender and former BCHL goaltending stud Chris Rawlings. He is 6'5. Imagine that!
  9. I believe Schmaltz will report to Grand Forks. I do have my doubts about Lemieux despite the tweets. A lot can change in the next 2 years. For example, maybe his experience in Green Bay won't be positive. Perhaps his priorities change. Perhaps he gets drafted a year from now and the NHL team wants him to go to the MJ route. I'm 85% sold on Nick reporting to Grand Forks. It goes to 95% if Jordan shows up to Grand Forks in the fall. 5% remains in case Jordan is treated poorly at UND (see Lee, Brian). This is unlikely, but anything is possible. As for Lemieux, I believe there is a
  10. I think we are building up a nice team but the question mark no longer is in offense... it switches back to goaltender. I believe in Gothberg being the real deal but... you NEVER know what you're going to get as a freshman goaltender. You could get a goaltender like Manino who is good for his entire career... or you can a Siembida, who comes in on fire and falls flat on his face. The players returning from injury (Rodwell, O'Donnell, Grimaldi) and other circumstances (St. Clair) will garner most of my attention but... the one freshman last year that got my attention in a positive way was
  11. I truly believe that Seth Jones is headed to the WHL. I have no inside information but I just won't believe he'll go to the NCAA until he suits up.
  12. A few things: 1. Lucia is not COTY material unless he wins it all. All those reasons given up about previous years are bunk. Uearly departures happen all the time in elite programs. it's to be expected. Losing a player midseason is tough but how difficult it is depends upon the context. If the player is a disruptive influence, it's not bad. If he just up and leaves, it can be a distraction sure. Losing those guys unexpectedly wasn't that big of a deal, imo, to Minnesota. Especially in the case of Burkholz and Dorr. Dorr was a flake. If Lucia was somewhat competent, which I believ
  13. We haven't had very good luck with sons of former NHLers lately. HIstorically, sure (Chorney et. al.) but as I learned with Matteau, I'll believe this is a good thing when he reports to Grand Forks. Until then, he's OHL bound in my book.
  14. All the more reason to root for the Patriots. I guess that's another reason why I dislike the Giants with a passion. 1. Eli Manning. He calls himself Elite and expects everyone to start calling him that. BTW some say that a second ring makes him a hall of famer. I don't know about that, but until they got into the Super Bowl, I was STILL hearing ESPN blowhards saying they'd rather take Tony "Fail at everything and loved for it" Romo over Eli "Can't Spell ELITE without ELI" Manning. 2. The Giants swagger going into this game. Maybe its the Patriots' being rather silent but the Giants
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