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  1. Hudson Fasching is on the bench for warm ups tonight.
  2. I was in Vegas during the championship game if the 2005 Frozen Four. It may be different during the regionals, but at that time the Frozen Four was during the Masters. The "friendly" folks at the Imperial Palace told us (understandably) that the money was on the golf and they would show that until it was over. We got a couple of small tv's with no sound until golf was over (2nd period or so). There was a crowd of about 20 Sioux fans there at the time.
  3. Any time that I had the chance to watch the Sioux on FSN, I would gladly watch Woog and Mazzocco over Sweeney. If only I could get my radio to match with my TV, I could/would listen to Hennesey. Hmmm...Maybe Hennesey could do TV and radio at the same time?
  4. DMT


    Agreed on all, but #1. There is nothing more bush league or lame than a player diving.
  5. I watched Kristo last night against the Force. The kid is good, he has really good hands and can dangle with the puck. He scored 2 goals and added an assist. I read he is 11-11 for 22 points in the last 11 games.
  6. Any news on Oshie? I've got tickets to the Wild - Blues game on Wednesday and my kid has been looking forward to seeing Oshie play for a couple of months.
  7. 1st PP unit (IIRC) was Duncan, VV, Frattin, Genoway and Marto. Can't remember the 2nd unit. Duncan and Zajac were the 1st PK unit.
  8. So...does anybody know who the recruits on the bench tonight were? The one kid had a Holy Angels sweatshirt on.
  9. While he didn't put any points in the scoresheet, David Hale made points with my 4 year old son today. We were on the glass for the Wild-Flames game. Hale saw my son and I with our Sioux hats on. He cracked a big smile, picked up a puck and tossed over to me for my son.
  10. Brock Trotter and Oshie are going to be huge for me this weekend.
  11. I don't care if it is "professional" or not, but it is stupid. Yes Holy Cross beat the gophers (and i was there cheering for them), but it was almost 2 years ago. It seems like some fans cheer harder against a rival than they do for their (the Sioux) team.
  12. Does anybody have the audio yet? I listen on 790 in Fargo and they don't have the pre-game up yet???
  13. In talking with a person who coaches junior hockey...He said when a parent of a player asks: what can my son do to get better, he responds with ..."watch TJ Oshie".
  14. Team name and jerseys will be introduced next Wednesday 10/10.
  15. I love Sioux hockey and I also like Bison football. I thought I would help you out.
  16. Agreed. Buffalo Wild Wings (north Fargo) has been airing a lot of stuff from ESPN HD the last couple of times I have been there. The only problem, they are airing it on old projectors that are not HD, so you get letterboxes at top and bottom. I think a lot of the people who "don't think there is that much of a difference", haven't watched real HD. People think if you have an HDTV, you have HD...it doesn't work that way.
  17. Physics expert...put on a pair of skates and we can go try it. Oh wait, would that make me a physical player or a dirty player? DaveK=ignored.
  18. I tried to stay out of the crap fest...but, you are clueless. If you have ever played hockey (yeah, I know you are a super knowledgeable fan), you would know that knee to knee hits are one of the worst things that can happen to a player. I couldn't count the number of time I have been jabbed in the ribs with a stick or slashed in the back of the legs with a stick, none of them compare to knee to knee hits. I don't care if it is done by another person's body. And to call somebody "out of touch with logic and common sense" to say that Ulf sticking his knee out to hit someone else's knee is just as dangerous for both involved...(insert something here about a pot calling a kettle black). P.S. My OPINION is that 80's music sucked then and sucks now.
  19. Well INCH is at letter R, with only 20 or so teams left. I think your guess may be right. P.S. I like INCH and won't bitch, no matter who they pick.
  20. I too can not see the text in the middle of the Wiki page. I can highlight the text...it is almost like the text is white on a white backround. I am using IE7 (at work).
  21. DMT

    Lee Watch

    Enough with the "Lapoint under the bus" crap. How many times do you need to say the exact same thing? Who are you going to appologize for if Lapoint comes in and is the WCHA ROY? If he does struggle, I don't think people will "throw him under the bus" like "they" did to Lee. Most people on this board have never seen Lapoint play a game. Whereas, a lot of Sioux fans watched Brian Lee all through high school. They watched him dominate in high school and that never happend in the WCHA. That said, good luck to Brian in the NHL/AHL.
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