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  1. U2Bad1


    It would be nice for UND to be on the good end of a "hot goalie" for once.
  2. U2Bad1

    Standing Rock Elections?

    Remember when Charles Murphy was going to be the savior of the fighting sioux nickname after he was elected chairman?
  3. U2Bad1

    PWR predictions

    Was that the original intent of the final five name or did they just change the meaning to match the new format?
  4. U2Bad1

    PWR predictions

    rigggggght, need to rename the tournament.
  5. U2Bad1

    PWR predictions

    Correct me if I am wrong, but if Wisconsin wins Denver is out so we are a 3 seed, meaning we do not play thursday and get to play Minnesota-Duluth on Friday. Winner of Wisconsin and St Cloud would get UM, Has the format of the tournament changed??
  6. Funny national story on Grimaldi Twitter posts. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Ladies-Rocco-Grimaldi-requests-you-cover-up-for?urn=nhl-wp13663
  7. U2Bad1

    SIOUX vs Michigan

    I was thinking that I have seen UND come back towards the end of the 3rd period down 1 goal.... but this just didn't feel like one of those games.
  8. U2Bad1

    SIOUX vs Michigan

    Finally some jump, hopefully they can keep it up.
  9. U2Bad1

    SIOUX vs Michigan

    This is getting ugly...
  10. U2Bad1

    SIOUX vs Michigan

    Frozen four tickets are more difficult to get than Final 5 tickets.
  11. U2Bad1

    UMD- Notre Dame

    Hopefully this game doesnt go into overtime so we miss the first part of the UND game... Oh wait.
  12. U2Bad1

    UMD- Notre Dame

    Holy crap, after 1 period? Based on the score updates coming in I thought it was at least part way through 2nd period.
  13. U2Bad1


    Wait, you can't pull April Fools jokes on April 2
  14. Oh my god... not only did you solve my problem about not having any of the channels the sioux are on... but we are having a party tomorrow during the day. You can watch the games ON DEMAND once they are finished. I love you. Now, let's not get CC'd
  15. U2Bad1

    Blais to Minnesota?

    How bad it gets probably depends highly on how much precipitation Fargo gets this spring.