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Thanks Osh!


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Blues Agree to Terms With Oshie

Oshie arrived in St. Louis on Monday and is expected to finalize his deal on Tuesday as well.

An official announcement will be made by the club on Tuesday and the players will be introduced to the local media on Wednesday.

The players will meet with Blues Strength Coach Nelson Ayotte over the next few days and begin to learn the Blues office program.

Oshie has been working out with Blues prospect Chris Porter at Shattuck St. Mary's prep over the last few weeks.

I just wanted to say thanks to Oshie for the past three years. He has always been MORE than a joy to watch on the ice! The countless times that he has smashed some unexpecting opponent, made an opponent look foolish by skating around them, or leaving a goalie speechless with his skills. Oshie will be greatly missed, but I cannot wait to watch him in the NHL and know that he will make us proud.

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From what I've heard, he wanted to stay cuz he likes it here in Grand Forks so much and college hockey here is a way better enviornment then pro hockey there. He couldnt pass up the money though

Also expect two more of these Thanks! threads.

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Well that is kind of a bummer. Expected, but still a bummer. Thanks for 3 years TJ, in those three years you became my all time favorite Sioux! Guess I'm now a Blues fan by default.
I basically said the same thing on another web site.I'm going to miss the all out effort on every shift and his will to win no matter what it took.Now I can add the Blues to my list of NHL teams I will keep an eye on during the year next season.
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Ok now i have stopped crying, i know it was pretty much guaranteed that TJ would sign but the Sioux Fan in me still hade hope he would stay on for one more season. i am really going to miss watching TJ in a sioux jersey, he played with the most intensity and biggest heart i have ever seen and i will miss watching that every weekend. Best of luck TJ make us proud.

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As a Sioux Fan and a Hockey Fan, i wish TJ good luck. As a Red Wings Fan, he is now the enemy and i wish him no luck at least against the Wings. It Sucks that all the crappy NHL teams get all the best College hockey players. :):D

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Good luck TJ.

Now, where will we replace his goal scoring (not to mention his heart) after finishing the season with the lowest goal scoring total in more than a decade of Sioux hockey?

best of luck TJ

after 3-4 more players leave, get used to a season of 1-2 goal games. this upcoming season will make last season look high scoring.

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