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  1. I will try and make it over. Have not been t here to watch a game in a while.
  2. OK so I am trying to get caught up on everything here, I realize that the new nickname is effective immediately but when will they decide on a logo? I either did not hear it or it got lost in the shuffle of everything. Thanks
  3. If the new nickname ends up Sundogs I will be in the bathroom vomiting for days and then I am not sure what I will do, but that is by far the dumbest name I have ever heard!
  4. OK after reading all the responses I have to get in on the action, I have to say I am sure this one is on his iPod touch just for the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCZuYS-9qaw
  5. Anyone else having troubles with Audio during games portions of the webcast? It is silent for me? Commercials work fine but nothing during the game
  6. When we did the customization of my sons jersey at The Ralph they said he had an "A" and put one on his jersey. Not sure if they were right but it looks good.
  7. Hello Sioux fans I have to unfortunately sell my tickets to the Denver series in Denver do e to a medical condition where I am not able to travel. I have two tickets to to both nights and seats are together. I am willing to sell them for face value $38, plus a fees and shipping. Please send me a message if interested. Thanks and Go Sioux
  8. IT was not white balanced properly, therefor it had bad color. It was just not well done.
  9. I watched the webcast and the HD web cameras they used appeared to me to be remote controlled which would cause the shakiness, but they announcer was awful. I about died laughing when every save made by McKay was an awesome save and it was right into his chest and no effort was made to really make the stop. The other thing that bothered me is when this announcer who I am sure feels he is the next Bob Costas stated that "Miami really exposed UND tonight". What is he talking about, just made me laugh the rest of the game.
  10. Jayson I know we had it on and the picture never buffered but was shaky most of the game and stalled out once where I had to re-start the broadcast, but the picture quality was great just very shaky. I know it is streaming and all, but if I pay for something I expect it to keep up and be smooth. Thanks
  11. Yes I will be there both nights. Friday night by myself and then saturday the family willbe with me. Bought my son a new Sioux jersey for the weekend. He would love to meet Kristo. He loves the guy.
  12. Do you know if there is video anywhere of the hit? I do think it is funny that this types of calls never seem to go against UMtc but I am not suprised by it either. Then again maybe they do and we as Sioux fans refuse to acknowledge it,
  13. Does anybody have a link to the senior skate? The webcast was not watchable so I missed it. Thanks. Go Sioux.
  14. The one thing about this production that is so awesome that I have not seen mentioned is the music. It fits so perfect and really makes a person connect with the topic. That opening music just makes the whole thing for me. Awesome job! Thanks Seniors, now lets go get #8!
  15. So my first reaction to these kids was if they are seniors they do not need to worry about participating in graduation and they should be suspended. But if they are freshman. I am not sure what you can do with them where it would really make a huge difference except for expulsion from school for the remainder of the year. Let their parents figure it out. They should not be allowed to enroll in any public school for the remainder of the year. Just my opinion. These incident just re-inforces people's stereotypes of North Dakota and that is not a good thing. I know my punishment might seem extreme but they need to learn and a one or two day suspension is nothing. They would not learn a damn thing from that.
  16. True, but that was not my point. None of us were on the ice or where ever this person talked to the refs so we do not know what was really said.
  17. I can guarantee you that Lucia has said less then flattering things to refs, it is not all please and thanks you's. I am sure he has dropped an f-bomb or two on the refs and probably even flipped them off, the difference is Hak got caught.
  18. So with your comment about the refs, since I worked in TV if you can't name the source it never really happened. So i will just go with that you are making !@#$ up as you go. Go Sioux! 7 is always greater then 5!!!!!!!!
  19. Good for you, you have talked to refs as a goofer fan and they told you what you want to hear. UND might be "psychos" but did they also tell you that the goofers are "pussies", because then and only then could I take the refs comments seriously!
  20. I think it is amazing to hear goofer fans talk about the goonery of the Sioux, they are by far the biggest cheap shot, !@#$ talkers in all of college hockey. Just listen to them, the since of entitlement is amazing. Can't wait to watch Michigan kick their ass year after year! T. Lucia was the biggest reason for most of the dust up while he was there, talk !@#$ and then skate and hide behind his daddies skirt. Total pansies. I hope MacWilliam lays Rau or someone out with a good hard clean hit. The whinning that we will hear and calling for suspensions will be great. I am surprised they do not have the stop signs on the front of their jerseys, poor babies can't take a hit!
  21. 18 more Angels in heaven today and my prayers go out to the families affected by this senseless shooting. Hell is too good of a place for this thug.
  22. I was just telling my wife during last nights game that, the Sioux used to be feared by other teams and that was a huge advantage for them. Other schools just knew that if they had the puck there was a chance they were going to get crushed and that helped send a message. I really do not see that advantage anymore, I miss that and really think this team needs to find that again and it could help them over the rest of the season.
  23. I think this announcer sucks, and could they stop putting up the tiger after every whistle. Drives me nuts
  24. I do not think that UMN is scared to play UND, I think that it is the same thing that the football is doing. They are going to play lesser teams to pad their record, get the easy win if possible instead of playing a tough team. While I do not agree with that idea I can understand it. UND for years has in my opinion played a hard non-conference schedule because they feel to be the best you have to beat the best. I just UMN wants to try and get some extra wins for the team. Just a thought.
  25. This is a great idea and I could get tickets then and feel comfortable taking my 7 year old to the game. I would never take him to Marucci for a game.
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