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  1. Webcast is awesome. So much better than NCHC's.
  2. Thanks, but working tonight. I think I'm going to get off at 5am, drive to MSP, and try for the 9am to LGA...we'll see...
  3. The RON cancelled, so now I gotta try for MSN or Minni...not looking good.
  4. My kids and I actually like Times Square, but yeah, they know to stay away from the characters. Some of the costumes are actually pretty good, there are a couple of Spider-Man's that actually climb street lights, etc, but some also look like they got their costumes from the dollar store. And if you don't leave a tip, often other nearby characters will join in the harassment, almost like they are in a union, Charecters Local 311. There are also toppless women with body paint walking around doing the same picture taking scam (much to the enjoyment of my son) and its legal. Although now that
  5. Don't get your photo taken with any of the ridiculous characters in Times Square either. They will hound and harass you for a tip.
  6. Lombardi's for coal-oven pizza in Little Italy, oldest pizza place in the country. Take the 6 train to Spring St, one block from there. Also, maybe 30-45 min walk from WTC.
  7. Doesn't appear to be in HD though. Maybe it's FSN's cameras.
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