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  1. A little old news but Dave Shyiak is the new assistant coach at SCSU. Link
  2. For those that have these seats. What did you attach to the bottom of them in order to use them? Any photo, blue prints, design would be appreciated.
  3. I'm surprised we don't travel to SCSU. We didn't in 2018-19. I would have thought the rotation for missing that team on the road would have been years from now.
  4. Assistant Coach Mike Gibbons (SCSU) is retiring. LINK
  5. February 13 2010. At SCSU Mario tells Corbin Knight he wants to take the face off, dropped the gloves against Marvin . Sioux score 6 goals in the 2nd and roll to a 8-1 win. MacWilliams , Zajac and Mario all get tossed out.
  6. I can understand your excitement for beating a team with a mascot that flies. Must be rewarding after falling to the Air Force Falcons And the American International College Yellowjackets the past two years. Those were SCSU’s best chances of a Frozen 4 title. Might have to wait a long long time for teams like that again. Entertaining games and nice to see fans in the seats again here in SC.
  7. What kind of prices are the lower bowl going for?
  8. I’ve been watching Portz play since he was 8 years old. VERY nice young man here in SC. His youth coach was a colleague of mine and I was team photographer for many seasons.Great character and a respectful young man. Very excited we landed him.
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