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  1. What’s amazing about those figures is that the team that was ranked #1 most of the season and was #1 seed didn’t even make the list with their ticket prices less than $20 a game.
  2. So sorry to hear this news . Reflect on the great times you spent together. Stay strong Al.
  3. I believe Ahcan from SCSU was just named captain for next year so guessing he will play his senior year.
  4. Are there any stats on the overall #1 seed winning it all? It seems that SCSU was #1 both times when they lost to Ferris State and last year to Air Force.
  5. UND85

    ITS OVER!!!

    I live in St.Cloud area and spoke to two season ticket holders who are going to watch the games on TV this weekend instead of going to the X. I was at both games this past weekend in SC and LOTS of empty seats. Student section had maybe 50 students there. Several weeks ago I did find someone to buy my Regional tickets.
  6. Doesn't work on my Roku or smart phone. Other games are working so probably in Omaha Ok GAME ON
  7. I logged on at noon and it appeared the Arena was half sold. Got 2 together. Also bought last year and ate my Regional tickets. Can’t happen two years in a row so feeling confident we’ll be there.
  8. Nice kid...good for him. https://www.nhl.com/sabres/news/sabres-sign-borgen-to-entry-level-contract/c-297312696
  9. I just tried to sell my Regional ticket package to a long time SCSU season ticket holder for $70 for 2 lower bowl. Their response was, " We'll go Saturday if we win. Friday." Other season ticket holders I asked are waiting to go if they end up in the Frozen Four. Their fans aren't winning to shell out much cash for tickets even during the regular season. They had an offer for 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas for $70 this year against DENVER and the place was empty. Remember when they played in Fargo two years ago at the Regional and they didn't even use up their allotment .
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