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  1. Any information out there on season ticket renewals dates? Usually I get an invoice by now.
  2. Suddenly flashbacks of watching lacrosse years ago waiting for Sioux hockey is coming to mind.
  3. Waiting for the giant Tiger head logo to appear.
  4. I still remember the last time we played SCSU. Their players mocking our guys as they left the ice. Hopefully a few of our veterans remember it. Time for a win today.
  5. Latest reply from side car! I want to detach the sidecar about now!
  6. I just reached out to them (sidearm) and got a ticket to their site. not sure what to do once I'm in that site.
  7. Is there a promo code to get a discount on the package this year? Thanks
  8. A little old news but Dave Shyiak is the new assistant coach at SCSU. Link
  9. For those that have these seats. What did you attach to the bottom of them in order to use them? Any photo, blue prints, design would be appreciated.
  10. I'm surprised we don't travel to SCSU. We didn't in 2018-19. I would have thought the rotation for missing that team on the road would have been years from now.
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