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  1. What kind of prices are the lower bowl going for?
  2. I’ve been watching Portz play since he was 8 years old. VERY nice young man here in SC. His youth coach was a colleague of mine and I was team photographer for many seasons.Great character and a respectful young man. Very excited we landed him.
  3. We’re coming down from St Cloud on Friday. Haven’t seen a game in Mankato since The Pony Express line was rolling. Can’t wait!
  4. Reminder tickets are on sale for the Mankato Series October 18-19.
  5. SCSU for the past several years has been practicing the morning too. Worked well for them as one player told me, "kind of forces you to get to bed at a good time."
  6. What’s amazing about those figures is that the team that was ranked #1 most of the season and was #1 seed didn’t even make the list with their ticket prices less than $20 a game.
  7. So sorry to hear this news . Reflect on the great times you spent together. Stay strong Al.
  8. I believe Ahcan from SCSU was just named captain for next year so guessing he will play his senior year.
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