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  1. 4 hour drive for the #1 team in the nation, and 2 1/2 hour drive from Mankato, and you can't give these tickets away. I'd be embarrassed if I was a fan of one of these teams. It's a little further for Duluth, so I guess they get a pass, but I'm surprised I guess. If it were other teams trying to sell to Sioux fans, they'd be gone in an instant.
  2. 6 tickets for sale for west regional in Sioux Falls. 4th row, center ice. Asking face value. Text 701-541-0337
  3. Not to get too off topic, but your picture below your name says North Dakota retires mascot. North Dakota has the Fighting Sioux name and logo, but no mascot that I am aware of. And, unfortunately, the nickname battle continues. I don't think anything has been permanently resolved.
  4. It may have something to do with Hak wanting a defensemen to coach the defense??
  5. include me in that group that hasn't heard any nhl brass speak ill of hakstol? in fact, it's quite the opposite, most nhl people hold und and hak and company in high reguard.
  6. whether we like it or not, a large majority of the blue chip prospects are going the chl route. that is a fact. the problem is how do we combat the fallacy that the chl is a better path to the nhl? that is where the problem lies. both are good leagues and both have a proven track record of producing top end players, but the chl has no problem spreading lies and ignorance to try and get a step up on ncaa hockey. fact is, college hockey is catching up and more and more players are choosing that route. the people in the chl know this, and this is there way of again gaining the upper hand. there will always be the prospects who choose the chl over college hockey for some of the numerous reasons mentioned in this thread, but when you throw in the chl's dirty tactics on top of it, of course us college hockey fans (and probably coaches and colleges too) will get annoyed. It's not an even playing field because colleges can't fight back. And now that College Hockey Inc. let Paul Kelley go, it seems we are back to square one.
  7. Since it's the hot topic, and this conversation is continued in the Seth Jones thread, let's continue the convo here... Many have been debating the pros and cons of going the CHL route over the NCAA route, especially after losing Miller, Koules and Matteau in the last year to them (plus plenty others across college hockey), so the question is why... Money - I think helps the CHL, but I'm not convinced it's the major issue at hand. Education - I think may be a major factor here. Alot of us tout the free education these kids get, and to some kids they see the value in that. But I think alot of these 16 and 17 year old kids probably feel that playing hockey without having to do school work is a huge bonus. Right or wrong, I think this is definately part of the issue. Games - I am not sure the "more games" argument works for me. These kids at this point in their development NEED the weight room and training time to build onto their frames to play the real mans game (pro hockey) Competition - NCAA is better competition, hands down. But some may think putting up crazy numbers against weaker competition will help their draft status more than learning against better competition? I'm sure there are many other points to be made, so keep them coming. Hopefully NCAA hockey can continue to get better and attract the top hockey players to the game.
  8. To all of those throwing the rumors around... here is what I think may be a logical thought process. Eades was the main recruiter (i.e. always on the road) and in charge of the defense. Eades is, I would guess, around 50 years old? Maybe he didn't want to spend all of his time on the road recruiting? Maybe he asked Hak to have someone younger with more energy do all the traveling and recruiting? And like many have speculated, maybe Hak wants a defensemen in charge of the defense? And yes, it can be as simple as that. Restructuring responsibilities, like someone taking over the increased recruitment? I'm sure we will know more in the weeks to come, but I don't think it has to be a huge conspiracy theory, and I don't think we need to spread personal life rumors about a coach who was and is a Fighting Sioux through and through. Thank you for the great years coach Eades and best of luck in your future endevours! Go Sioux!
  9. i was a few seats away from York and Berenson, maybe i should have told them both to stick to their own recruiting grounds red can have the usndt and their chl loving players and york apparently dominates with the players from out east
  10. this is true, and he missed some time due to them, but he didn't miss an entire season. concussions are like any career ending injury, you can't predict when, or even what will cause it. crosby's most recent relapse this season seemed to come from some pretty innocuous contact.
  11. we will have to agree to disagree, on both jones and toews. crosby is sick, when he is actually playing, but if i'm starting an nhl franchise, i build it around toews. there are some better scorers in the nhl than toews, but he's the best hockey player in the league (i might think differently IF Crosby was healthy, but he's one big hit from never playing hockey again)
  12. There are not many (if any) 19 year old dmen who will play on an olympic team. Toews was 20 (I think?), a forward, and a once in a generation talent. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I wouldn't hold my breath...
  13. or how deep their pockets are??
  14. i like kane as a player. and by the contract they gave him (same as toews contract) i would say chicago likes him too. he hasn't had any off ice disiplinary issues has he? other than wanting his change back from a cabbie? but if we're playing the what if game... kane and one of the dmen other than seabrook or keith for tyler myers and stafford. works for me the more sioux on a team the better.
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