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  1. Just got back to the hotel from the twins opener and just missed frattin's interview and video. Is anyone able to upload it to YouTube?
  2. Just a thought, I don't want to jinx the Sioux but... If the Sioux won on Thursday and made it to the Championship game (Knock on Wood) do you think Frattin would turn up to the Hobey award ceremony? If it were me, I wouldn't. There are much bigger things to be focused on. Team success comes first, individual awards come second.
  3. Yeah that was me, St Louis was my first Sioux game. Even though the Sioux lost it was a great weekend, it was fun meeting other Sioux fans and I cant wait to do it all again in a weeks time. I just hope this years result is MUCH better.
  4. Yeah thats correct, I got through about 3 seasons without ever seeing a game. Thank god for internet broadcasts of the games. I figure this will be the best year to see the Frozen Four so I have done everything i could to be there, Cant wait!!! I was thinking about the twins opening day but the twins website is sold out of tickets. any suggestions on where to get tickets at a reasonable price?
  5. Any news on "Official" Pre-Game party locations in St Paul before the Semifinal?
  6. I will be there, leave from Melbourne on Wednesday morning (Australian time) arrive in MSP 19 hours later, totally worth it! Cant wait to see you all there.
  7. Hello fellow SS members, Can someone give me a quick run down of the twin cities. Where should I stay? Minneapolis or St Paul. What things are there to do and see while in the area? Public transport? Good places to eat? Etc Any info on the twin cities would be great. In return I'll give you any info I can on trips to Australia if anyone ever makes it down here, which you all should, you will love it. Thanks
  8. Is there any update on Kristo? He has the ability to add a whole new level to that third line, if he is healthy and gets back to playing shape FAST. anyone hear anything about Danny, is he likely to get back on the ice in the next 2 weeks?
  9. Since we are on the topic of pre-game songs and videos..... I have always wanted to find the video which they play at the frozen four before each game, it is a highlight of all NCAA sports. I assume they play it at all NCAA tournaments and it shows clips from past NCAA championships in almost every sport competed at the collegiate level. if anyone has any idea where to find the video please let me know. Cheers
  10. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year. hugs n kisses
  11. Finally there is a home series. Very excited to see the Sioux in action against DU this weekend. I hope to see 3 things this weekend: 1. More Hitting and physical play 2. Mr Belding dancing up on the dasher 3. Stick Salute Should be a great series, I am also very interested in who is in goal this weekend and how either Eids or Dell performs. Goaltending has been a bit of a weak point so far and i hope someone steps up this weekend.
  12. Hello everybody, I hope all of you had a nice summer and are looking forward to the last season of Fighting Sioux Hockey. I am very excited to see the Sioux in action this weekend, I hope the games are be available to watch online, if anybody has a link or can tell me where i can watch online that would be great. i think this will shape up to be an awesome final season of Fighting Sioux Hockey and i can not wait for it to get started, i think the freshman class looks great and i have no doubt they will contribute right off the bat, and there is a lot of talent on this team, with hard work i think this team has a very good chance to go all the way this year (knock on wood). the skate for 8 starts tomorrow, i cant wait!!!!!!!
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