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  1. I'll be at the game tonight, but I think I'll pas on tomorrow. Probably will watch it somewhere downtown St. Paul before the Wild game.
  2. DHG talks tough, but once you call him out, he blocks you on Twitter. Real tough.
  3. Also, far too busy getting my heart broken by Gopher hoops. Best thing about that dumpster fire last night? If we lay an egg tonight, I can't get any more mad than I currently am. My sports psyche is ruined this week, things can only get better (that's a lie, I'll rage if we get smoked)
  4. Too busy tweeting with Goon and texting AZSIOUX to get my fix
  5. UND has more depth at forward? Even though Minnesota is #1 in scoring this year? Keep dreaming.
  6. Does anyone have 2 GA tickets for Saturday that work in student section like the ones ticketmaster had for the Friday game? If so, and you want 2 actual seats, PM me.
  7. Since when was I a "her"? Split. Friday win when I'm in the student section, Saturday get killed and I don't recall what happened.
  8. Thanks, I'd rather sit student section so just scooped a few up....anyone interested in 2 upper bowls for Friday now?
  9. I hope you know that even the worst seats in the house for Vikings/Packers are about double the going price of any Gopher/Sioux games...I'd CONSIDER giving my 2 lower deck sideliens for Vikings/Packers for 4 Gophers/Sioux, and only if they were awesome seats.
  10. Unless I'm seeing something wrong, he only has next weekend's "win 2" as the max for the Gophers, where as he has the Badgers played out all year.
  11. Would you mind putting a Gopher one up for the rest of the year as well?
  12. We have 1 lower for tonight, just want what we paid. Message me and I'll get right back to you, I can meet you at the game or whatever works
  13. We ended up with more tickets than necessary...again Have a lower bowl single, section 112 row O, best offer by tonight takes it. I'm in Fargo all day today and until 1 tomorrow, then heading up to Grand Forks and could meet you up there, that'd be easiest. Reply on here or PM me.
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