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  1. I just did a quick search and that was the first I found. It’s a direct quote. I saw him say it during his press conference. I appreciate his honesty.
  2. https://www.christopherfountain.com/blog/2020/3/26/hmmm-now-even-cuomo-is-rethinking-shelter-in-place-strategy
  3. Holy crap I can't believe it'll come to that.
  4. that's roughly the same percentage of people needed to change a school nickname.
  5. I think the daycares have to be considered separately, so I wouldn’t assume they are an indication of anything else opening. If you’re working from home or laid off, you’re probably sitting at home with your kids right now. If your job is considered essential during these times, what are your options? Have the 2 and 4 year old fend for themselves for 8+ hours? Send them to infect grandma?
  6. I commend Trump for having the most ventilators per capita. And for shutting off travel from China when he did despite the irresponsible backlash he received.
  7. Having hope and being optimistic is irresponsible when Trump says it. When Cuomo says it, it is inspiring, calming, and a demonstration of great leadership.
  8. I wonder how many of those phones in Steele county were traveling 4 mph all day long in a corn field. Or made several exact same trips to a bin or elevator while coming in contact with maybe 3 people all day.
  9. I’ll admit your reply was funnier.
  10. This is retar I mean ridiculous.
  11. If it’s not obvious to you, like I said, you do you.
  12. As long as you’re able to justify being completely hypocritical in your own mind, congrats. You do you.
  13. Um, you do realize your username is Redneck, followed by Sioux, right?
  14. Not according to your posts about tests.
  15. I thought shelter in place orders is what got some countries ahead of it.
  16. Right. I’m saying I don’t know why they let her run it. Chuck should grow a pair.
  17. It seemed like Mitch and Chuck were fairly close to a plan, but then today it appears the House through a monkey wrench in the whole thing. Not sure why Chuck Schumer allows himself to be lead around by Nancy.
  18. It's possible. I heard the House version is 1100 pages.
  19. Wind and solar energy tax credits, along with tougher airline emissions were attached to the stimulus bill, among other things. Unbelievable.
  20. I wonder if after the first reported case in Grand Forks, the malls will close?
  21. We’re glad to hear you’re better. Especially with you being just 4 years shy of elderly...
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