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  1. how so? They are to give the REA profits back to UND athletic department but they decide what constitutes expenses. The $2m for the scoreboard is one of those expenses they have subtracted as an expense over the years. It truly is money that would have gone to the athletic department otherwise.
  2. Agreed. My point is that it isn't truly all private donations. REA returns funds in excess of their operating expenses to the athletic department (my understanding). In effect 1/3 of the money being spent ($2m) would have gone to the athletic department but REA kept it for a reserve fund for things like this. They have a incredible latitude in deciding what constitutes their expenses in running the arena.
  3. The other $2 million will come out of The Ralph’s longterm repair and replacement reserve fund. I believe this is money that would have been turned over to the athletic department for their budget except that REA chooses to keep it for a reserve fund. One could argue that it is coming from the athletic department's budget as REA returned less money to the athletic department to pay for this.
  4. Didn't find him on their 2018 roster. Wonder if he played last year.
  5. Poolman was a man setting up our 3rd goal.
  6. I will answer the question. It is not the job of local media to provide a competitive advantage to the opponent. It is also not the job to protect the team you cover by holding something back that might help an opponent. I know Kolpack a little bit and Fargo sportswriters are expected to hold back information at times to protect SU football. I believe it is their job to report what they know in a timely manner unless it was told to them off the record. I didn't watch any of the game but doubt it would have had an impact if it had revealed. I just think it is a sad c
  7. I realize the shenanigans regarding extra scholarships are only supposed but a friend did tell me how they did it. The SU coaches from that time were together and reminiscing about the good old days and how it worked. They forgot he wasn't part of their coaching staff when they were at SU. They spilled the beans before they realized it. This was during the time where you could get away with a lot because the NCAA acted as the cop and you only had to worry if they audited and caught you. Now the schools have compliance officers on staff and schools have the responsibility to mo
  8. Back in the day Eddie Schultz told me about some shenanigans SU was pulling with their scholarship totals. I asked him why he didn't report it since he was a Fargo sportscaster. He said he wouldn't be allowed near the team again if he did.
  9. Wonder what's holding it up?
  10. That's not fair. You don't know what's going on in the locker room He is probably trying to figure out what his team needs to hear right now to play better moving forward. I'm guessing they've already been down the 'we suck' road. you've been on enough teams to realize you can only go to that well so many times. Maybe he figures it's time to try another approach and work to convince his team that they can get over the hump.
  11. I watched through the youtube link. bounced between pretty good and blurry good most of the time.
  12. any hope you can set this up again tonight? Even with it being painful to watch last night - I appreciated it.
  13. Pt #1 - conjecture or do you know it was dictated to Bubba? I don't know for sure but knowing Bubba a little I think he made the decision on his own. He gave Rudolf an extra year to right things but I believe that was a mistake.
  14. I'm not sure he was forced to do anything. He made a choice. There's no wonder we aren't hiring high end experienced coaches for these positions with a $40k salary. Need to up our salary pool if we want to attract more experienced coaches. That is on the administration - not Bubba.
  15. Tom Miller‏ @tommillergf FollowingFollowing @tommillergf MoUND hasn't officially announced new WR coach position but rumored hire Sam King is at the Betty in Hawk gear. The GF native impressed the staff during his time as a GA, was with Duluth last season. 10:57 AM - 29 Dec 2018
  16. It was important to Bubba for us to play them and we had zero leverage.
  17. I was wondering the same thing. I hope so.
  18. talked to one of the offensive staff this summer and they really like Boltman. I hope he gets a shot
  19. I didn't hear that UND wanted Mertens on defense but wouldn't know for sure. I was told by someone close to him that he told Dale that the deciding factor for him was full ride vs. half scholarship
  20. Early signing day is a week from today. I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about that.
  21. Their recruiting success over us started back when we were DII and we haven't been able to overcome it During DII - we offered half rides to 72 players where they were able to offer full rides. Mertens told UND the deciding factor was the full ride at SU and Lennon wasn't willing to match that when the rest of the team was on half ride at max When we went DI NDSU was through their transition and we lost some kids because they didn't want to play in a limbo situation for us - Veldman said he picked them because he needed to have something to play for Since then they have been
  22. I know that the Bohl and SU split was not friendly and he is still bitter at the school.
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