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  1. Per the Herald article - Bubba said one of those hand-offs would have been a pass if Kett reads the play correctly. So not completely on the coaching staff After C.J. Siegel returned an interception 58 yards to the 21 after a fourth-down pick, the Hawks went to the run game with 7:15 to go in the fourth quarter. UND ran twice with James Johannesson and once with Dalton Gee for a total of two yards. That led to a 36-yard missed field goal by Brady Leach with 5:28 to go. UND coach Bubba Schweigert said one of the plays should have been read as a pass off a run-pass option play.
  2. Big win today. Cal Davis is a very good team and was lucky not to get blown out They got some lucky breaks on penalties and made a couple 4th downs by a few feet Kett was good overall and got us in position for game winning kick at end I’m satisfied with the result today
  3. adding to your comment - 2-2 is exactly where most thought we would be. I vote we put the pitchforks away for a while and let the season play out. who knows - maybe the season will turn out to be a success. I hope so but if not, there will be plenty of time to ask for a change later in the year.
  4. I know a guy who coaching at the college level and he stopped at the ND and SD schools this fall so they could put a face with his name for future opportunities. He wondered why the UND d-line coach was working with the linebackers but then realized they were our d-lineman.
  5. I guess the theory that the offense laid down last year at Northern Arizona as a protest against Rudy is out the window now.
  6. Gotta catch that on 4th down
  7. Missed xpt has to open the door for the other kicker.
  8. Undersized DL showing today
  9. Even without the hold - they are a lot faster getting outside and turning the corner
  10. Said the same thing here.
  11. Might need to show up soon or it’s over
  12. I was shocked he came out for a second inning. He was better than his last 2 times out but that's a very low bar.
  13. 1-2-3 in the 6th for Thorpe. Who would have guessed that?
  14. Gibson spit the bit again. Gave up 3 runs in 2nd and got yanked. 3 straight walks to finish his outing including walking in 2 runs. Yuck
  15. Big win for the Twins. Down 1 in 11th and 2 in 12th and pull it out with a walk off HBP.
  16. The OL push on the first play is amazing.
  17. I have one in my office. Hung in my dads office forever and I got it when he retired.
  18. It's not going away but the above in bold has nothing to do with it. pinning the continuation of the chant on the pro sioux crowd is disingenuous.
  19. like my sister said - there are a lot of flip phones in the Alerus too.
  20. just opened the digital program from Drake game. would be tough to read at the game on a phone. lots of old people that couldn't manage that at all.
  21. wondering your opinion on why McKinney doesn't seem to be able to fill the burner WR role. I know he is playing a lot of rb this year but has played wr also.
  22. We are in a tough spot right now. We got a late start with the DI transition, When we finally transitioned we started off in a big hole and it's been tough to catch up. I'm don't believe in continued mediocrity but am also not convinced Bubba can't get it turned around.
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