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  1. The TV sounded like it was on the QB moving forward to get in position under center
  2. one of our best offensive players dropped a ball untouched and you are calling for a coach to be fired. Wow We have the right guy in the right position and he made a mistake. How is that on the coach?
  3. Agree with the last point. We have to play well to beat anybody. Any letdown in the last 2 games would be trouble.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Watching on FSN+ in Twin Cities.
  5. The only time I saw SDSU play was against the Gophers and they were very good that day. Could have easily won the game.
  6. Thanks. DL kids have been great for us in the past. I hope it works out.
  7. Have we offers and are we hard after him?
  8. or a punt downed at the 1 followed by a blocked punt resulting in a TD
  9. Holm can play 4 games and keep his red shirt. What happens if he plays 4 regular season and we make the playoffs? Would any playoff games push him over the 4 or are they exempt?
  10. didn't have to wait long.
  11. Kostich for president. Punt pinned them at the 1 and blocked punt for the win. We've been hard on him on this site when special teams have problems. Giving credit where credit is due.
  12. Pluto not working for me either
  13. How was Dave Osborn involved in making these? I had never heard that.
  14. Pluto showed poly with 2 timeouts left at end. Guessing that was wrong.
  15. My take on what has happened to UND football since 2004 when we were consistently beating NDSU and SDSU. NDSU and SDSU moved to DI. They started getting more of the recruits they wanted with more scholarship $$. I know Mertens didn't turn out to be the savior at NDSU but everyone wanted him. He told Dale he couldn't justify coming to UND for half scholarship vs. NDSU for full ride. UND moved to DI but was not eligible for anything during transition years. NDSU and SDSU were now eligible. During that time some kids said they didn't want to 'play for nothing' and chose our ri
  16. I watched Bio when I was in hs. He was a beast. I’ve often thought that we need a qb like him to help turn this program around.
  17. That was a horrible call on Detroit. Gave GB a first down when they would have punted. Instead went down and scored to get within 2. I just watched the highlights and there was another phantom call for the same hands to the face on the same guy which let GB run the clock down to nothing and kick the winning fg.
  18. This is just plain silly. You are really saying that if I had just expected the team to go 10-0 they would be undefeated now by living up to my expectations? I guess I will try that from here on out and into next year. Just think of the power I will have as I recruit my friends to do the same.
  19. Nothing concrete. Just from being around Lowell a little and the program in general. Same as any other booster
  20. Lowell has no pull.
  21. I think if he falls forward (his backside) he might get it. instead he tried to sidestep the defender and came up short.
  22. Wanzek back in and with the TD
  23. went for 2 and didn't get it
  24. Boltmann still busting his hind end. Not sure about the rest.
  25. Tom Miller said McKinney out hurt along with Wanzek. I averted my eyes for a while. What happened to McKinney?
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