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  1. my point was that if we had used Izzy, McKinney and Santiago (slot) for the speed guys plus Wanzek and Maag we would have been pretty good at wr this year.
  2. Wanzek catches everything and is a stud and Maag might be too. Have a couple of speed guys in Adeoti and McKinney but need to figure out how to get them the ball in space. Santiago in the slot would have changed the complexion too. More of a usage thing in my eyes vs talent level. ran into McKinney's dad in Flagstaff and he told me Cam runs a 4.34. Not sure how accurate that is if true it should be fast enough.
  3. not arguing with that. I just noticed that the punter sped up his delivery. It was obvious at NAU
  4. the snap still seemed to be getting back a little slow at the end of the year but the punter definitely sped up his delivery in the last couple of games.
  5. Bubba is the kind of guy I want running my program. He is passionate about UND fb and UND in general. He is genuine and not an artificial hype machine - (see PJ Fleck). I played for a lot of different guys and different personalities in HS and college. Coaches like Bubba got the best out of me long term. His approach reminds me of the way Dale Lennon and Rob Bollinger did things. Maybe he will prove to be over-matched in the long term but I am not ready to make that assessment now and wouldn't make a change at head coach. I do agree with the changes that were made today.
  6. In middle of 3rd qtr Boltman put his helmet on when we were about to receive punt and I thought he might go in. Nope unfortunately
  7. Agree. We were 3rd and 2 and I believe we got stuffed on that play. Pinning them deep with a punt is a reasonable play there. It didn’t work out so it turned out to be a bad idea. Going for it was reasonable too but not a slam dunk. In hindsight it is clear but wasn’t 100% at the time.
  8. I still support Bubba as HC. I think we need to make some changes but he wouldn't be one of them.
  9. They chirp after every play. At end were in Ketts face when he tried to get play from bench. Ref pushed the guy away. 99 I believe
  10. I have talked to NAU a few times in the past and again just today. They claim we can't get parking in the tailgate area. A few years ago the guy told me that Montana ruined it for other fans by bringing so many people that they took over the tailgate area. Sounds like an NAU problem, not a Montana issue. Have others tailgated there? would be good to know the story.
  11. I will be there. Going to PHX to visit my dad and taking him up to the game.
  12. has anybody seen a 2-deep for the game?
  13. 5 hour drive for us. I expect the same frustrating game.
  14. That's a really poor equivalence. Lot's of kids (players) liked Dale Lennon, Roger Thomas, Nick Saben..... if we're just making lists of people. They were/are all successful. Kostich is personable and well liked by the very kids we are trying to convince to come to UND.
  15. I wouldn't get rid of Kostich. Maybe he needs a different role but I would keep him on the staff. My view from afar - I believe the kids like him and he is a good recruiter.
  16. We used to get Fox College Sports on Comcast in the Twin Cities but they dropped the channels a year or so ago. Bummer for us down here.
  17. I'm with Ira. I like Bubba and think he can get it done. I still believe if we had our normal WR group we catch a couple of those balls in the 4th qtr and win the game. Let's win the last 2 and see what happens. I'll be tailgating Saturday in the cold and then head into the game. Hope to see you all there. SAT NOV 10 Partly Cloudy 23 high / 10 low 0% SSE 8 mph
  18. And adding a loss to those teams hurts their ranking.
  19. sorry to hijack the thread but I am looking for this clock that I broke a couple of weeks ago while changing the battery. Any help would be appreciated. I found that it is called an art-glass clock but nothing available on line so far.
  20. you are correct there. I like him and I believe the players do too. I would be willing to give him another shot at least. I just heard that position group at that time didn't think he added much to their development.
  21. Freund is a great guy and great recruiter. I heard less than flattering reviews of him regarding his last stint as QB coach from someone involved in the program at the time.
  22. why did we decide to throw in that situation? our top three possession receivers were out with injuries. we are always extra conservative in the other direction - run the ball. I wish we had that extra minute or 1.5 minutes off the clock from the incompletions on that last drive.
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