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Found 11 results

  1. I am selling 2 lower bowl tickets on the end UND shoots on twice for Saturday night! The view from the seats shown below:
  2. Registration is now open for the 2017 Grand Cities Lacrosse season! Grand Cities Lacrosse Association is looking to defend their Varsity and U13 championships and improve the second place U11 and third place U15 finishes. This year we will have different age segments. This is part of the new US Lacrosse guideline. US Lacrosse describes the change: “The nomenclature for age groupings was changed to have the age listed first for clarity and to allow for a clear break between youth (14U and younger) and scholastic (15U to 18U) lacrosse. Previously, the U15 level was considered youth, but often included age-eligible high school players. Those situations will be limited in the new structure.” The full media release can be read here: US Lacrosse Player Segmentation Policy Release 2017 Grand Cities Lacrosse/Dakota Premier Lacrosse League Player Segments Youth Date of Birth Age Group Grade Affiliation Born 9/1/2008 through 8/31/2010 8U 1st & 2nd Born 9/1/2006 through 8/31/2008 10U 3rd & 4th Born 9/1/2004 through 8/31/2006 12U 5th & 6th Born 9/1/2002 through 8/31/2004 14U 7th & 8th Scholastic Date of Birth Age Group Grade Affiliation HS Graduation Year Born 9/1/2000 through 8/31/2002 16U 9th &10th 2020 & 2019 Born 9/1/1998 through 8/31/2000 18U 11th & 12th 2018 & 2017 What does all this mean for Grand Cities this year? It means we learn new age group names and need more coaches. When you decipher everything down, our players are in the same groups as last year just with a different name. The 2017 14U will be the same players that were on the 2016 U13 and that is the case across the board. What was our U9 group last year will be split between 8U and 10U. As of right now the 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U will be league traveling teams. 10U and 8U will be in-house with limited travel opportunities like it was this past season. We are also offering an optional 10U Travel Team to go to the Grand Rapids Shootout Also, as mentioned above, we will be needing more coaches for 2017 at all levels. Please consider registering as a coach and helping grow the games. There are league requirements to be able to coach so please think about it and make the decision early so you do not miss out on training opportunities coming up in the spring. We also need officials for the upcoming year. As with the coaches, please think about it now and register to be an official so we can keep you up to date with training opportunities that will be coming up over the winter and early spring. We can have the best players, the best coaches, the best equipment and facilities, but without officials, we cannot play games. We need you. Register today at: Grand Cities Lacrosse Association Registration Page
  3. To help ease the football fever of the summer, we are putting together a Big Sky Breakdown podcast series that will include a daily episode covering Big Sky Conference football. This installment — an episode breaking down Skyline Sports' selections for the preseason All-Big Sky team — will kick off the series. We will have episodes featuring 30-minute interviews with all 13 head coaches from across the league including North Dakota's Bubba Schweigert; episodes featuring at least 10 beat writers from around the Big Sky breaking down the overall state of athletics for the specific schools they cover including an episode featuring Tom Miller from the Grand Forks Heraldl; a podcast with our preseason poll and the influential games that will determine the league race and much more. I will post each of our summer series here. We will also produce print stories previewing all 13 Big Sky football teams that will be printed in July in the two weeks leading up to fall camp's opening the first week of August. As always, thank you for your interest in Skyline Sports. Big Sky Breakdown: Skyline Sports' All-Big Sky preseason selections - http://skylinesportsmt.com/big-sky-breakdown-all-big-sky-picks/
  4. Vote today and tomorrow! Not sure who all knows, but everybody should be voting in the Kraft Hockeyville contest this year. Winner gets to host an NHL preseason game and gets arena upgrades. Minot has made the final four in this national contest that you probably see little blips about during the playoffs every year. Though they are not UND, I guarantee there are Sioux fans in Minot and this is a good chance to show that North Dakota has the best fans in the country. You can vote 50 times a day by text or on the webpage. Voting 50 times on the webpage is very easy, click to vote, click to vote again . . . voting ends tomorrow Click here to show North Dakota has the best hockey fans
  5. Going back over a half of a century from the first time University of North Dakota blades hit ice surfaces all across America it grown from the beginning to become this unique and special program we all know as Fighting Sioux hockey. As I have said before, a nickname which has reached the full potential of a nickname like none other. The official name for the school can be whatever it is, no matter, it has no impact on the reality of who we are, who this team is, or what the program is. Ask any player who has played for the program, current or past, ask any fan or any foe, hear it loud and here it clear, it's fighting Sioux Hockey and those that understand it are so very proud of what we all have and share. So Sioux Forever on ya! ...Let's have this thread as a place fans can post great statments or quotes from players, past or present, coaches and public figures who speak to this fact. I hear it all of the time and I have for many many years, long before the Sioux name was in the NCAA cross hairs. Being a Sioux Hockey fan or player has been a pretty special thing for scores and the Sioux name is central in that tradition. The Sioux name speaks to that tradition. It's very clear that the preponderance of those invested plan to keep the Sioux name as a predominant identification of said tradition. So when you hear it, post it. ...Let's not have this thread be another move on debate thread. All of the move on plants and cronnies can move on now,. The schools official name has changed and the settlement agreement with the NCAA has been met. Done! Whoo hoo!! (Applause) If you want to promote the new nickname do it somewhere else. This is about honoring our tradition and respecting our name. The name we choose to call ourselves and, its pretty apparent, want to continue to refer to ourselves as and as long as it is a free country we get to proudly declair ourselves as. Go Sioux!!
  6. Trae Riek Starla -- Napoleon Dynamite
  7. OK so UNDBIZ noticed a void in the separate name threads- good eye UNDBIZ. Now that we have all established why Fighting Hawks is inadequate and Roughriders won't work, Here is why you should vote NODAKS: Last Saturday I was at the CC game. Sitting behind me a Tiger fan tapped me on the shoulder during a time out. I turned around to see an older woman(guessing around 70). She asked me if I had ever heard of a game from way back in Madison Wisconsin where there was a huge bench clearing brawl started because a Wisconsin player went into the North Dakota bench. Of course I said yes I had heard of it and added that it was referred to in legendary fashion as the water bottle incident. Surprised at the fact that I knew of what she was describing she exclaimed, "I was there". We went o to chat of and on for the rest of the game. Turned out she graduated from 'UW' as she endearingly referred to Wisconsin. She was telling me that Wisconsin had two rivals; North Dakota and Minnesota. She unequivocally declared that North Dakota was really the main rival because of how we played the game compared to Minnesota. She kept saying "Nodak" this and "Nodak" that. It was all with great respect for the competition level and the rivalry. Not a derogatory tone in any of it. Just fond memories of great rivalry games. I did not share with her the name issue or the last three options for a new nickname at all. She simply referred to us as Nodak and she said it respectfully. My point here is that at that time, chatting with the wise old lady, I realized something, Nodak is ALREADY our name. If you haven't seen the pictures of our sports jerseys with Nodak on them from the 40-50 years ago look it up. So picking Nodaks is like picking no change needed-thank you!   I read Goon's blog post today where he says- Hawks is the, "best choice of three unattractive/bad choices." That is saying a lot Goon. You're picking a bad choice. That is not good. Most people agree with you BTW. The majority of people don't like any of the three. Well consider this then: If we choose Nodaks as our "official" nickname does it not, given its nature, lend itself to integrating another name at some future time when it can happen more naturally(the way nicknames are supposed to come about, organically instead of by force). You may be wondering what I mean so I will use an example: The University of Missouri their official nickname is the Tigers(named after a group of pre-civil war militias called the "Fighting Tigers", ironically. Now as most of us know the school is also referred to as "Mizzou" which I bet upon hearing for the first time one would think, "what a stupid, hick nickname". It's not unlike "Nodaks" if you think about it. It's a shortening of a name to a nickname. Happens all the time(right Cags, Pooly?) and is very logical and fitting, especially when it occurs organically like Nodaks did decades ago. But is Mizzou not a cool name as part of the mix of Missouri Tigers? There is no reason Nodaks wouldn't be the same animal, serve the same purpose for us.. So the beauty of going with Nodaks can be summarized as follows: 1. Allows the University to stay with tradition while ending the NCAA assault. 2. Allows the University to organically develop another name in the future without having to change names. (oh and yes before any of you radicals get all bent out of whack saying I'm a Sioux hold out and that this could be the Sioux name 'some day. Whatever! Ether the name will be the Sioux or not either way it will be fitting to call us the Nodaks.(just like Mizzou) But more importantly it means that we can have time and a correct 'natural' process to get another nickname that the MAJORITY of people don't dislike.
  8. Voting starts tomorrow. This needs to be said: The idea of North Dakota adopting the official nickname "Fighting Hawks" is both completely illogical and totally and absolutely in every way not unique or representative to our region, state, or school. Hawks don't fight: While I do concede that I am not an expert in ornithology, I'm pretty sure the idea of hawks fighting is completely nonsensical. Hawks soar, hawks prey, hawks hunt and they probably do some other things to kill time but they don't fight. Do we really want to have the official name of our school be something that doesn't even make sense? Hawks isn't original at all: Somewhere on this forum there are stats on how many schools who have had to change their native American nicknames opted to go with Hawks as a nickname and the number is astounding! Look it up. Make no mistake about it, Changing our name to Fighting Hawks is actually changing our name to Hawks. Fighting can be put in front of any name and by the way of the three names up for vote it fits Hawks the least by a million miles. Fighting Roughriders- 0k, Fighting-Nodaks-I like how this sounds, Fighting Hawks-Huh?? really?? ...hey look at those hawks fight! They are very impressive fighters those hawks.. The fact that Hawks got Fighting included in it as a nickname option is almost a little suspicious? One could argue that putting 'fighting' with hawks was a ploy to manipulate people into being drawn to a generic name by including fighting in the name making it feel similar to "fighting Sioux'? I'm just saying. Please tell everyone you can these reasons to NOT vote for Hawks.
  9. KFYR-TV in Bismarck produced a fun video about good ol' N.D. (even references UND hockey and SU football) to the tune of that incessantly played "Happy" song. Thought I would share for no particular reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Lz34llO_XI#t=149
  10. Hey!!!! We are losing to Maine. Remember that team that stole Johnson's Hobey? We need to vote. Where are you Sioux fans??!
  11. Heres a new video with some of TJ Oshie's biggest hits . There are even a few from North Dakota. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4rQJlbUvCc
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