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  1. My daughter just sent these pics from Krakow Poland. Might be worth a trip just to eat there.
  2. that's what I just heard. I-29 was still closed last night so I am surprised.
  3. Did they ever explain why they didn't review it? I had the sound down. wonder if it was 'game misconduct fatigue' on the part of the refs.
  4. One small bright spot with the snow - it is making me change my plans to do what you mentioned above.
  5. Wow. I missed this one. I have interacted with him through the engineering school and he is a very impressive leader. UND will miss him.
  6. I was thinking the same thing but there were a bunch of local kids on the 2016 Nat'l Championship team. Poolman, Thompson, Ladue, Simonson, Ausmus, Johnson
  7. Made the trek to NAU. It was horrible in person
  8. Jess Myers Retweeted Hondo Carpenter‏Verified account @HondoCarpenter 2h2 hours ago More BREAKING NEWS EXCLUSIVE FROM SPARTAN NATION: MSU Hockey UFA F Taro Hirose moments ago signed his NHL contract with the Detroit Reds Wings. He will be going straight 2 the Red Wings & not playing in the minor leagues, leaving MSU early. He is a Hobey Baker award finalist as well.
  9. Serious question. What did he do that got you to that point and what would you have done differently? I see his allowing a remote chief of staff decision as really bad but that only happened recently.
  10. It sounds like the new bleachers really add to the functionality. I have a friend who's daughter runs track for UND. He said the HPC knocks it our of the park compared to the other facilities they have seen. Even SDSU.
  11. Kind of fun to look back - I remember the clock also.
  12. I vaguely remember something like that being on those windows in the 70's
  13. Being an optimist I like to think of it us as being 18-16 over the past 3 seasons or 6-5 last year rather than 9-13 over the last 2.
  14. The Spud also had a Red Pepper inside it. Never had to leave the building except to to to school and sometimes sleep.
  15. I was told by someone that Rudolph made the comment that Mollberg would never play QB at UND as long as Rudolph was the OC. I believe he said that when Joe still had 2 years left. Not sure why you would make that blanket declaration
  16. I give up on this thread. The 'hockey at all costs' people like it the way it is because it benefits their favorite program and don't care how it impacts the other programs on campus.
  17. It surely wouldn't have 48% going to the REA for them to use as they see fit and give back whatever is leftover after they have taken their cut. Can you find a reason to justify the fb ticket revenue going to the REA? The REA already has a line item where they charge the university for their ticket office expenses. UND tried to renegotiate this as per their contract calls for that on a yearly basis and Chris shorted out.
  18. Resorting to name calling kinda means you got nothing else but I can join in too. You have no idea what my paygrade is little cowpoke. I am not on the payroll of the REA if that's what you mean but I do have a different job at a pretty good paygrade. In my view it points to an org with an obscene amount of money to burn vs. what is needed at this time. The $2m from the hold backs from athletic dept could be used more constructively - if you care about anything UND other than the hockey team and but you have proven in the past that you don't. If you asked UND or the athletic d
  19. It is possible to be grateful for the gift that the Engelstads gave and also feel like the fb team is getting shorted by giving $375k to the REA to do as they please with. That money could make a big difference for the fb program. We just posted a job for an assistant fb coach at $40k/year and you don't realize that the program on a shoestring budget? All of the costs you mention above that we avoided are all hockey related. Many on here care about our other programs too. You talk about $9.6m in costs avoided like it is a big number - and it is. You also dismiss $6m for a new scoreb
  20. All of my comments are regarding the $2m from the REA funds for the scoreboard. Those are not private funds and not locker room related. $345k/year would go a long ways toward that. We just want to get what the fb team earns and not leave it up to REA and Chris to decide how much of the fb $$ to give back to the fb program after taking what they want for an REA scoreboard.
  21. Let's give the REA all of the football ticket revenue then. Why not?- if it's such a good thing for the fb team we could more than double that impact. There's also a football alumni golf event fundraiser in the Twin Cities every summer. We should funnel all revenue from that to the REA too.
  22. And if the athletic department had an extra $345k per year from the fb ticket revenue they would be able to give more to the fb and other programs.
  23. with some assumptions: 8,000 seats sold x $15/ticket x 6 games x 48% = $345k - real money at that rate it only takes 6 years and you come up with $2m with all of the $$ the hockey program takes in and spends - why do they need to take fb revenue? That amount of money would make a big difference for that program. Small dent for hockey. Hell - they spend more than that on new locker rooms and scoreboards quite regularly.
  24. No. It's not other people's money. That's the point. It's because of things like REA taking 48% of football ticket revenue (I believe that the right number) on top of charging for running the ticket office. They then spend $2m on a scoreboard for the hockey arena from a fund that includes the football ticket revenue.
  25. New scoreboard apparently counts the same as fixing a leaky roof.
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