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  1. If George Washington can beat the British than damned straight UND can
  2. und chances of getting to the final 4 or sweet 16 are both a big fat zero...both goals are ridicules
  3. NCAA titles should be the goal not sweet 16 appearances
  4. recent podcast has geno saying that he left UND because of poor recruiting and he wants to win ,also mentioned that some of the players were not as focused on winning as he would like
  5. Too bad team holds a grudge....with Geno Big Dance Dark Horse...without Geno Big Dance Zero Chance....could end up costing Jones his next contract...
  6. Could be gonzaga....19 credits fact or rumor.....he took classes at UND during first summer...seems a bit high of a number....s dad wants the U....Geno likes tha zaga is a projected final 4 team
  7. jones should get the 7'1" kid that just grad transferred from the gophs
  8. Gophs big transfers out....geno and his dad met with pitino....
  9. he will get them done...the question is when ... in the summer or fall quarter....no reason to believe he will not be playing by Jan.
  10. true...Falson was either nuts or hoping that jones would fail so he could axe him without a a buyout.....with all the budget cuts buyouts look bad...still the loss of geno puts another nail in jones coffin....I really like jal but would not bet on him sticking around for more than one season.
  11. only teams that have a MINIMUM expectation of winning conference titles should be in D1 and the fb team should expect to win the national title UND is the best school in the history of the world and every world class athlete in every sport is begging to attend UND and live in the greatest city ever Grand Forks... and you should not play the mega millions lottery if you do not have the minimum expectation of winning 50 million dollars otherwise you should only play scratch offs...
  12. arren Wolfson‏Verified account @DWolfsonKSTP 41m41 minutes ago More Former DeLaSalle HS & North Dakota star Geno Crandall (@genocrandall) has been in contact with Gonzaga, Xavier, Colorado St., and New Mexico State. He also has met with the #Gophers, who as of now don't have any scholarship openings. The graduate transfer scores, shoots, defends.
  13. time for geno to man up....and announce if he is gone
  14. looks like X....they look way down big east bottom feeder this year
  15. trey was easily the best offensive guard option off the bench....too erratic as a frosh so jones benched him for predictable and solid defensively and probably the most unproductive player stat wise in ncaa basketbal for a 20 minute plus a game guy... billy brown 22 minutes a game and under 4pts, under 2 rebounds and less than one assist.....Team will be better but the Summit is better than the BSC.... Would like to see them pick up a D1 caliber guard if they still have a scholly left....If they have a serviceable guard coming off the bench then they can compete for second place in Summit....as I believe JAL will be top frosh and perhaps top newcomer in Summit.
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