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  1. I would have preferred to have just stayed in the Big Sky, but if we had to move, I wish it could all be at once. This purgatory for the football team stinks.
  2. Weren't Denver and UND the big drivers of the NCHC? Maybe there is something there...
  3. Should have just moved the NCC up in the first place.
  4. WDAY'Z Xtra already has picked it up.
  5. Pretty good stuff. Go Coaches!
  6. Alex is pretty decent at everything. Sweeney was great at hockey. Hammer was great at football.
  7. Minot State's coach would be an excellent hire. Would likely be good for youth soccer in Grand Forks as well.
  8. GO SIOUX!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!! Whatever, just win!!!!!!
  9. Maybe the students will have a guilty conscience about not using them since someone donated money for them.
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Living in the western part of ND makes the Big Sky way more attractive.
  11. Perhaps we should warm Studs up and use the passing game to get the run game going.
  12. Hockey covers the cities and points to the east of Grand Forks. Football should cover the west.
  13. It is impossible to compare eras in my opinion. In any sport. And in racing.
  14. It is streamed on WDAZ/Y's website. http://www.wdaz.com/
  15. If UND does host, what is the dates of the tournament?
  16. So if Studsrud can't play this weekend, and we get a first round bye, is any one concerned with him being rusty? Or how about chemistry with his receivers?
  17. I wish UND would market to us fans in western ND, where games against Montana and Montana State mean something and are often times a close drive then any MVFC games outside of fargo and possible brookings. There is a large, untapped fan base in western ND (or at least the potential for one).
  18. The anger on bisonville and the bison posters on AGS is insane. wow
  19. Any word on how Studsrud is doing? Same for the guys on the O-line?
  20. Eliminating them from the playoffs in Fargo sounds terrific.
  21. It's nice to see Reid getting some touch backs.
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