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  1. I’m always concerned when we lose players before graduation. Rutten was an excellent athlete. Placed in Mn State HS track meet in 400 meters as 7th or 8th grader if I recall. Also leading scorer on her HS BB team. Was also an A student. Had been contributing as a Hawks VB player. Sad to see she is gone. I hope she got her degree.
  2. Anyone know what happened to Lydia Rutten?
  3. You don’t want to confuse anyone with scientific evidence and recommendations from world experts. Just a wild guess but I believe I have more experience with Covid patients than the folks who are trying to derail another subject with politics and misinformation. Moderators please move my original post suggesting an idea to get more fans in to our athletic events and all subsequent related responses somewhere else or to the trash bin. Thanks.
  4. I certainly didn’t wish to derail another topic with politics. I’m not going to get into a debate with anyone who hasn’t kept up with the reason for masks. My point wasn’t to start a debate about Covid. Neither of you two folks are going to teach me anything about health care, including infectious disease or immunology. Too many topics on SiouxSports have been derailed by politics. My point wasn’t about lock downs or masks ( although the evidence is clear it decreases transmittal, though isn’t 100% effective). My thought was would this be an opportunity to bypass restrictions and allow more people to attend and minimize risks to others. I’ve stated my opinion without politics and I don’t wish to turn this into another train wreck.
  5. If you are afraid of vaccines, take your teddy bear with you. It isn’t a big deal. I was trying to think of ways more people can get in to UND athletic events. No one is forced to get vaccinated and no one is forced to attend the event. Why would anyone else care if others would take advantage the opportunity?
  6. Sorry to hear that. Might that be the least of your problems. No tickets? No ID to get into a pub? No passport to travel? If someone wants to try to decrease risks to other attendees and at the same time increase the opportunity for others to attend an event and you aren’t willing to participate, then don’t go. That’s one of the privileges of living in a free country. I’ve traveled into communist countries. This doesn’t compare.
  7. For 3 mos maybe 6 or 7, maybe more. It is recommended that you should still get vaccinated without regard to activities attendance As it is, only 1000 get in as of now. You really have a problem with opening up the games and other activities to additional fans who can show they have been immunized? (You can stick the “comrade” crap.)
  8. I suggested to UND they allow all fans with proof of vaccination. Good way to get people vaccinated is to allow restaurants, sporting events, concerts bars etc to reopen to everyone with proof of vaccination. Alumni office said they would pass idea to Chaves. I would assume others have suggested same. Hopefully the Governors around the country would favorably consider something similar.
  9. JBND7 is probably correct in that ND may be one of the top 4. However, I felt the Clemson/ND game should have been looked at like a “play in” game. Loser out. Because it was ND’s first loss, I can get the argument. It would have been the perfect opportunity to put Cincy in or at least change things up with A&M. I’m not sure either of them or even ND can compete with Bama. However if Brooks gets protection and plays well they might make it respectable. Army got screwed out of a minor bowl game. They are looking for an opponent. Bubba?
  10. They got their butt kicked end of the year. They barely beat undermanned Clemson earlier and a win over North Carolina, otherwise nothing on resume to deserve it. A&M lost early. They should go ahead of Irish.
  11. One year but 2 seasons. This spring season and next fall. Extra season cuz of Covid.
  12. UND gets another big WR, 6’4” 215lbs, grad transfer, Jake Richter from Detroit Lakes via MSUM. Was All Conf and All District at MSUM. Also was on ESPN plays of day. Was team Capt. Already on campus. Eligible this spring and next fall. Nice addition.
  13. I believe we have a very good recruiting class lined up. I believe Trey Feeney has the ability to make other players better and can lift this program to be one of the elite FCS programs in the country as long as we continue to upgrade our line play both sides of the ball. Hopefully we get all of these kids signed Wed.
  14. I’m not criticizing the “helmet pads”, but I don’t think we have conclusive evidence that the “helmet pads”, with or without the hair, reduce concussions. We can reduce head trauma by stopping the stupid helmet to helmet celebratory head banging. No studies on what effect that has.
  15. With strict discipline and adherence to guidelines, they might do ok. Masks, minimizing any close contacts, no booze (people get careless, alcohol in moderation doesn’t hurt), etc. No socializing with former teammates from other teams, media etc. It also requires all coaches, support staff, media etc to stay out of bars. Team meals should be isolated from public etc. If these kids want a season they will need to be disciplined. Anyone who doesn’t feel perfectly healthy needs to be isolated until they are tested etc. The coaches and support staff will also need to be disciplined. It only takes one to screw things up.
  16. Yup. Hard to believe he isn’t on big 10 radars. Hope we can keep him.
  17. Who gives a rat’s behind who is on pre-season posters? It’s a team game. Teammates are on the posters. Best for players to make their mark on the FB field not a poster.
  18. RIP. Quite a career. I never liked not subbing early and often when way ahead, but he did it his way. Kids bought into it, parents didn’t interfere, it worked. Thanks for the update.
  19. Not sure why anyone wants to debate this. The young man played for us and did his best. Great kid. He showed promise and was hopefully going to continue to improve. Now he will play elsewhere. I hope he does well. None of us knows how well he will do. The coaches try to play the players they think give them the best chance to win. They don’t always get it right. There is no reason to doubt what someone can accomplish. So what if someone thinks he can get to the NFL. More power to him and hose who believe in him. The best response is good luck, I hope he is successful. To doubt or criticize does nothing for our program.
  20. Biden didn’t say he would close down McDonalds. He made a false statement that McDonalds which makes billions and billions of dollars forced their employees to sign a non-compete clause which would prevent them from taking a job a Burger King or similar. McDonalds does not do that. It seems Biden is going to make as many false or misleading statements as the current President.
  21. Hockey should be workable. Players will need to adjust. Refs will have to call a tight game. No taunting, no post whistle confrontations, no clearing players from in front of the net after the whistle. Players wear shields. Anyone who gets involved in pushing matches, fights, post whistle “clutching”, face to face jawing etc gets either 5 min major or game misconduct. Anyone who spits on another player is done for the year. Masks can be worn, especially on bench or penalty box. It’s drastic but if done I believe they can drastically decrease the risks enough to get the NCAA to sanction college hockey. Obviously there would need to be protocols for screening, testing, and protocols for positive cases. The chance of passing the virus to another person skating past them or near them during play is minimal. Minimize close contact time and it can be done. Initial thoughts and needs to be fine tuned.
  22. Don’t you mean “ we wanted to play but everyone else is afraid to play us” ?
  23. Baloney. You wouldn’t say that if you knew him or had spoken with him.
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