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  1. Wonder just how effective Caufield would have been playing in a league where checking in the corners is encouraged. He's talented, no question, but aside from power plays, just how much time and space would he have gotten having to play fast and talented teams that are hard on pucks week-in-and week-out in the NACHO? We'll see how the next level goes for him.
  2. Too bad Pinto didn't stay. I could see it now. The Ford-Pinto Line!
  3. UMASS shorthanded for Frozen Four. Losing top goalie and top forward due to contact tracing. Later today we will learn that St. Cloud State and Minnesota State's charter planes are grounded due to mechanical failure. Why doesn't the NCAA just drop the national championship trophy off at Amsoil Arena and save us the trouble.
  4. Should've had the tournament in one city and had enabled some flexibility for a team on stand-by to fill a spot in the bracket. Or, they should've just taken the top 4 teams this season and place them in the Frozen Four (like the old days). Hopefully, the NCAA gets its right when the next pandemic hits. Hopefully, I'm not around to see it
  5. Here is hoping Lake State can win so Bucci has to broadcast a WCHA game tomorrow night.
  6. A few observations. Did Wisconsin do any conditioning this season? Looked awfully tired and lost a lot of races to pucks. Tony Granato has some good video next season on what being "hard on pucks" means. With no non-conference play (outside of ASU) the Badgers never saw a team that played a 200-foot game for 3 periods.
  7. Wow! One tournament game in the books and 3 Big Ten teams are done.
  8. Yes, Michigan isn't used to playing hard in the corners, so if it's bad in the trenches we know it's Duluth
  9. We'll see after Michigan-Minnesota Duluth chew it up. Hopefully, it's not an issue.
  10. What makes this even more of a bad situation is there is no day off for BU and SCSU to recover. At least in the bouncy ball tournament there is a day off between rounds. Now you have team that gets the benefit of moving on and then play a team that has to play the day before. But, perhaps that's not a bad thing for the winner, providing there are no injuries.
  11. I still find it vexing that Notre Dame is still getting a look at getting into the tournament. I get they have 2 wins over Wisconsin and Michigan. But you have to look at the fact they lost to ASU twice, Ohio St and Michigan State. I just don't see how they get it over others.
  12. We look like a team that played a late semifinal game and just running on "fumes" at time. I have question regarding some of our depth players (8, 11, 13) that seem to riding the bench game after game with not much expectations. Well, this would be a good time to show the coaches and the fanbase maybe you can be more than just a bench player on a good team. Like in the movie Hoosiers. "Ollie, we need you. We need you now!"
  13. Give Denver credit. That was the performance we expected from them all season. They were the hungrier team. They were fast, physical and their goalie showed up. A misplay leaving the zone led to the first goal. A defensemen losing his footing and a backchecker not picking up the trailer at the net led to the second goal. missed coverage A lucky rebound bounce gave them the third goal. Only goal that was bad on Scheel's end was the fourth, but not sure if it was tipped or screened. But again a misplay leaving the zone led to Denver holding the possession and eventually scoring.
  14. It's a sweep, but certainly not a very good effort for 6 periods. You would think a team that has been off for so long would have played with more jump, but maybe the altitude is really a factor. UND is not well suited for the big ice. Can't be aggressive in the corners. Can't activate the D much. The last two or so minutes was not very good game management. The power play should have just played keep away in the final minutes, but it seemed like they were ill prepared for what they should do. Coaches should have been more clear on what they needed to enable CC to ge
  15. A few observations. I thought we dodged some bullets early in the second period. It could've been 3-1 or even 4-1. Scheel was steady. I thought we had a good push back midway thru the second and didn't let Denver's speed keep being a factor. We were struggling with it early in the second. Eventually, we got that late period goal, thanks to putting some good shifts together. I think Tim Hennessy said at one time shots were 20-9 Denver and were tied 22-22 in the first minute of the third. I would have been happy getting to overtime, but as it was said before, you can't take bad
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