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Saturday night in Stearns County


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10 minutes ago, bcblues said:



That shot by McLaughlin was what started the rush the other way. St. Cloud has kept us to the perimeter all game so O Mac forced a shot that had zero chance of going in and zero chance of a rebound which sprung st cloud the other way and boom it’s in. Boneheaded play that I hope he learns from. 

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Just now, TwamleyShuffle said:

We are due for a power play. How the team responds to being down in this game could tell us a lot about what to expect when the games matter more in the NCAAs

Yeah we need to make a few changes in this game, badly.  Time to switch the lines up a little and stop trying to force chemistry that doesn’t exist in certain places. Bump Perron up to the line with gaber and berg. Most importantly we need to start activating the defenseman into the rush because we didn’t have a lick of sustained o zone pressure the last 15 mins of the period. We have been outcoached for 35 of 40 mins tonight and it’s time for a counter punch. 

huge props to Persson for keeping us afloat along with our d zone play chipping out the second chances so that can’t get a rebound 

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There is a thing called working the refs, not that I ever did that.  But maybe we have to start working the defenders and the goalie.  Make passes in the air toward the net on a frequent bases with players breaking to the net (even block your own teams pass) but block it so that it bounces off you, (as long as you do not make a kick or swiping motion it should be legal, you have a chance to get the puck in the net or bouncing around the net) rather than always taking puck to the corner.   It forces goalie or defenders to focus on more areas to cover.  Opens chances to keep the puck more.

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